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Best of 2015

Thumbtack Best Pro of 2015I was reading through my email this morning, and was happy to find out that Seymour Digital Imaging was voted Thumbtack BEST OF 2015!

Needless to say, I want to Thank First and Foremost, my customers!

It’s YOUR pictures and stories behind the images that really keep me going!

A great unsung History in each image!

I would also like to thank the folks at for helping to connect the Customers looking for quality Services!

– Andrew
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PS – I’m still located in Downingtown, near Lionville!

Stroud Head

My son and I were walking in Stroud Preserve today, and while we were exploring the two small dams, I noticed this little ‘gem’ in the middle of the upper water way.

Stroud Head 37
Plastic Baby Head found during an early spring walk at Stroud Preserve in Chester County PA.

Needless to say, finding a plastic baby doll head in the middle of the Preserve is a little odd, hence the reason for the picture.

- Andrew
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After Posting this image to my Facebook page, I had someone from Stroud Preserve comment on the post

Oh dear! I’ll let our preserve manager know there’s litter out there!

As for the dry “ponds,” a few years back we restored the stream running through Stroud by removing the dams, which allowed land to convert from ponds (man-made and not good for water quality) to wetlands (more diverse than coral reefs and wonderful for filtering water). – Stroud Preserve

To which I responded –

Thanks for the contact. I should have known better than to use the term ‘pond’ so loosely!

As for this little ‘gem’, it can be found in the larger of the two dam areas near 39°56’49” N 75°39’12” W, the upper one, walking up the dirt road…

Has anyone else Found something Odd within the Preserve?

I know, I LOST a lens cap a couple of years back, but…

What have you found?

April 8, 2015 – I volunteered at the Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center, helping in their studies of Shamona Creek for science class. During the first session of the morning, while waiting for the students to arrive, I noticed a discarded car battery, laying with 10 feet of the creek.