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Founder’s Way Point – Marsh Creek State Park

During a walk  around Founder’s Way Point in Marsh Creek State Park, Chester County, PA, I took these images.

As you can see, this is a great area to both hike/walk or mountain bike!

- Andrew
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Sick of Politics and went for a walk

After spending my Sunday morning, reading all the various headlines, weeding through the rhetoric and engaging in several spirited conversations, it was time to get out of the house.

Especially with the kids!

We backed up, and headed to the Marsh Creek Dam trailhead, and started our Sunday Family nature walk.

The three of us were eager to see what the water level was, since hurricane Sandy had passed over our area earlier in the week.

As we headed down the hill, in the distance, one could see the rapid flow of water as it traveled down the spillway, and by the time we reached the USGS station, it was easy to hear the water thundering over the dam.

From the observation area, we were amazed at the power in front of us.

We walked along the trail, enjoying the first cold weather of the season as we headed for the metal bridge.

After some time, we headed back to the car, as I commented about my adventures to this area back in September.

At dinner, all the kids could talk about was the flooding and the smell!

- Andrew
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Daddy Day Camp Opens!

Welcome to the first day of “Daddy Day Camp” 2012!

I am starting this blog segment in an effort to exchange ideas with other Parents that might be needing some ideas for what to do with their kids this summer!

Over the past couple of days, I have been working with my kids to come up with a list of things they would like to do during the course of the summer on Monday’s and Tuesday’s, and here are a couple of ideas to start off with:

  • Arts and Crafts
    • Make Official T-Shirts
      – Every camper has to have one!
      – Very simple, just grabs some white t-shirts and markers and let them make their own!
      – Let the kids design the logo!
  • Education period
    • Reading or Blogging
    • Math
    • Science!
  • Library Time
    • Both my kids have library cards, and we are going to take advantage of our great local library!
  • Outdoor time
    • Nature Walks
    • Sports Play

We also plan to mix in chores (weeding, pick-up the lawn, etc.) and little projects (clean basement, paint mail box post, etc.) that are a benefit to the “Camp”.

There are plans to also visit local parks and museums!

So stay tuned for more details!

– Andrew, Madison and Logan

Possible Ideas

20 Creative DIY Project Ideas

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Spring Family Walk at ChesLen Preserve

Some images taken during a Family Nature Walk at the ChesLen Preserve in Coatesville, Chester County PA.

This image was taken at the edge of one of the hedge rows, in the shade.

Power Towers in the ChesLen Preserve in Coatesville, Chester County
Power Towers in the ChesLen Preserve in Coatesville, Chester County

Looking at Power Line and newly plowed fields, which are now ready for planting.

Plowed fields and Power Lines in ChesLen Preserve in Coatesville, Chester County
Plowed fields and Power Lines in ChesLen Preserve in Coatesville, Chester County

Addition Links and Info


– Andrew
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Stroud Preserve Selected for Collection

110501 Stroud Preserve 076 tm
110501 Stroud Preserve 076 tm

I just got an alert from my Flickr mail that the Director of Communications at the Natural Lands Trust, asking for permission to use this image as part of their collection for Stroud Preserve!

Needless to say, I’m very honored by this recognition!

thank you very much for this honor and I look forward to seeing my image on your website!

– Andrew


Since getting this e-mail, I have had the chance to visit both the Binky Lee and ChesLen Preserves with Madison and Logan for our Family Nature Walks! (Unfortunately, Amy can join us because of her allergies!)

Again I am blown away by the fact that I have traveled past both these preserves many a times and never realized they were there, let alone how beautiful they are!

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