I am constantly looking for new challenges, and listed bellow are some of my ongoing Projects:

‘Jewels’ of Chester County

I started this idea for a project a couple of years ago, and lately, I’ve seen an increase of ‘jewels’ that I have found, and in some very unusual places.

If you are interested in following me on my discovery of ‘jewels, then please check out my “‘Jewels’ of Chester County” Post.

Downingtown Christmas Parades 2010+

A collection of images, started in 2010 of the Downingtown Christmas Parade. This is part of the Official website.

Mrs & Mr Santa Claus
Mrs & Mr Santa Claus
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Covered Bridges

A collection of images taken of Covered Bridges in the Chester and Lancaster areas of Pennsylvania.

Rapps Covered Bridge - Post Renovation
Rapps Covered Bridge – Post Renovation
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Drawdown of Marsh Creek Lake

A collection of images documenting the 8 feet of water released from Marsh Creek Lake in Chester County, PA.

Marsh Creek Drawdown - Unusual Clouds
Marsh Creek Drawdown – Unusual Clouds
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Sunsets from a Single Location

A collection of images taken from the same location over the course of several months, and condensed into two weeks, so far…

Sunset with crepuscular rays
Sunset with crepuscular rays
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Adventures of Skip

What started out as a simple Birthday gift to my cousin, has now morphed into a meme that travels in space and time, and it all started with this simple image.

Profile Picture - Skip (Original)
Profile Picture – Skip (Original) – And the adventure begins!


If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me.

– Andrew
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