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Lost and Found Lens cap!

I’m a parent with two normal kids…

And things get lost…

“Daddy, I can find my [fill in the blank]?”

A child’s first introduction to “Troubleshooting”…

“Where did you last see it [insert child’s name]?”

Then the search starts…

Earlier this morning, I posted the following…

“Lost a Lens Cap while walking around Stroud Preserve yesterday… If you find it, please let me know! TIA!”

I really did not expect to get a reply, but as luck would have it, within 2 minutes, I get

“What Size?”

To which I responded

“58mm… The last I remember seeing it was near (39.947185°, -75.649300°), just before heading into the woods (NE)…”

A few seconds later…

“I found a 77mm at 39.947185°, -75.648300° sorry.”

A minute or so later, this is on my wall…

Found Lens Cap - Sigma 77mm at 39.947185°, -75.648300°
Found Lens Cap – Sigma 77mm at 39.947185°, -75.648300°

It does leave one to wonder, what a conversation in the future might be…

“Computer, Where did I leave my [fill in the blank]?”

quickly followed by –

“You left your [fill in the blank] on the table, you silly human…”

Do you really know what the computer is thinking?

FYI – Mine was a Canon…
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By Andrew

A Father, Photographer and Computer Geek living in Chester County (PA).

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