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2014 Christmas Parade

It is that time again! The annual Downingtown Christmas parade!

More images can also be found on my Flickr account – 2014 Downingtown Christmas Parade.

It was a little cold, but plenty of warm spirits!

- Andrew
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2014 Black Walnut Winery – Fire & Wine Festival

Here are some images from the second annual Black Walnut Winery’s Fire & Wine Festival in Sadsburyville, Chester County PA!

Talk about great time!!

Some of the great folks over at Downingtown Dish also posted some of these images.

Can’t wait for next year!!

If you are interested in getting prints of any of the images, please feel free to contact me!

- Andrew
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2014 Chester County Balloon Festival

I FINALLY got through the gates and found a place to park, and it feels SO good to stretch my legs!

I gathered my gear, and started up the hill.

I HOPE I can find my spot later…

As I got to the dirt road, I heard a voice call my name, and it was Brian A, a fellow local photographer in his car with his wife, and they were leaving.

We chatted for a little bit, and I headed off for my well deserved beer!

It was quit noticeable, the lack of balloons in the air, just laying on the ground like colorful shadows…

Walking to the Victory beer truck, I did see someone was taking advantage of the strong winds, by flying a very colorful kite!

You might be able to notice, the long grass had just been cut, and was laying in the sun to get dry, but that did not stop the children from building hay forts in the fields!

I finally got my beer, and quietly drank it, as I surveyed the fields and the setting sun…

My stomach and nose also told me, it was time to get something to eat, so I ventured back up the hill and into the vending area.

and of course, there were kids and parents all over the place!

All eyes were on this man and his flying kite! – As long has his kite was flying high in the air, no balloons were taking off!

FAA Kite Man 144
Image of the FAA Kite Man, monitoring the winds at the Chester County Balloon Festival.

Eventually, one brave group decided to give a balloon raising a try!

As the sun faded, the temperature began to drop.

Folks began to cuddle up, as a few more balloons attempted to fill the night sky.

Cuddling up 171
A couple cuddle up during the flame glows at the Chester County Balloon Festival.

But the winds refused to die down, as the balloons began to slowly sink back to the ground, a mere shadow of what they could have been.

- Andrew
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2014 Brandywine Food & Wine Festival

Update – The wonderful folks over at TheTownDish.com, did a GREAT blog post about the Brandywine Food & Wine Festival!

Images of 2014 Brandywine Food & Wine Festival held at the Myrick Conservation Center in West Chester, Chester County PA.

There was a ton of good food and wine, which was especially welcomed after several previous days of rain!

- Andrew
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