I do not remember when I got my first camera, but buried away, I still have some black and white photos that I took before I was a teenager.

I bought my first camera, Canon A-1, in the summer of 1981, and shot nearly all black and white negative film.

When I got to Ithaca College, I started to bulk load my own film, and then develop the film in my dorm room, and whenever I got a chance, I would use the darkrooms for contact sheets and printing.

In my early 20’s, I took some time off from college, and worked as a Freelance Assistant/Apprentice in the Philadelphia and New York City areas. I got a chance to work on many projects, including corporate reports, magazine covers, studio work and interior architecture.

It was during this time, I was also introduced to one of the first Macintosh computers. The photographer I was working with at that time was shooting Apple’s first Annual report.

Several years later, while working at Kodak, I was heavily introduced to flatbed and drum scanners, as well as working with my first digital camera, which was very amazing. The thought of being able to take a picture, and then being able to see it immediately was just unheard of. No more “Polaroids”!

Since then, I have continued to watch and learn as the meshing of technologies, Photography and Computers, merge into a new, open way to communicate with those around us.

I hope you enjoy what I have offer.

- Andrew
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