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A Time I Logged Off the Internet 001

I wish to dispel a myth…

For years, folks have accused me of NEVER logging off the internet…


At LEAST once a week, during the spring, summer and fall!

You want Proof?

A Time I Logged Off the Internet 001
A Time I Logged Off the Internet 001

How is that?

I setup my camera in the far corner of my yard, and used my iPod Touch and TriggerTrap to record the “session”…

Then in Adobe Photoshop CS 5.1, I combined over 30 individual images into a composite, which you see above.

This was very painful, and required a lot of RAM and numerous files… and ‘Yes”, I’m still 32-bit…

But the end result, I have ‘proof’ that I have done ‘work’ outside of the internet!

I am still working on a proposal to ‘off shore’ this task to non-terrestrials…

Details to follow…

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Best of Triggertrap 2012 – Long Exposure


In checking my Flickr account today, I was greeted with the announcement, that the folks over at Triggertrap, had selected one of my images for a “Best of Super Long Exposure” award for 2012!

120912 Marsh Creek Spillway bw 01
120912 Marsh Creek Spillway bw 01

The image was originally taken while testing the HDR Long Exposure features of the Triggertrap mobile application, during a summer adventure near the Marsh Creek Lake spillway. [Tech Notes – Three exposures (0.4, 1/6, 1.0) at f29 ISO 100]

For a contrast in scenery, check out this comparison of the same place, but within days of hurricane Sandy.

Needless to say, I am very honored to receive this recognition, and thank the folks at Triggertrap for a great product!

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Marsh Creek Spillway – Long Exposure

A series of Long Exposures taken of the Marsh Creek Spillway in Chester County, PA.

My first series of images using my new Triggertrap Mobile – Exposures ranging from 0.4-500 seconds, for HDR post capture processing using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik Software – HDR Efex Pro 2.


13-Jan-07 – Image “120912 Marsh Creek Spillway bw 01” – Awarded “Best of Super Long Exposure” for 2012 by Triggertrap

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Searching for the Remote

No, I am not searching for the TV Remote, this time…

But a for a new Remote for my photography work.

Back when I first purchased my Canon XTi in 2007, I also purchased both the
Remote Switch RS-60E3 and Wireless Remote Controller RC-1, and have used them various times over the years, but after seeing a couple of recent Posts on Facebook and Google+, the thoughts of looking for something new has begun.

In reading the Posts, I was also left with what kind? A dedicated stand-alone unit or connected to my iPod Touch, and did I want to be able to program the unit?

Dedicated Stand-alone

The first article that I read was on Stand-alone units, “6 top remote releases tested and rated” on that got me thinking about upgrading my old Canon Remote Switch RS-60E3.

In reading the article, the Hähnel Giga T Pro II Remote Control is the top pick, and has a video on YouTube showing one the various features, and runs about $100 USD form various outlets.

Mobile connectivity

In my daily reading, I also spotted a Google+ post in which the author announced that they had just received their TriggerHappy, and was excited to try it out.

In following the thread, I was also made aware of the Triggertrap Mobile combination, so my researching began.

Making the Connection

In the case of the Hähnel Giga T Pro II, there are two parts, the wireless transmitter and the receiver that sits on the camera. The unit easily does remote triggering, interval, and long exposures, but does lack any direct HDR functionality.

With both TriggerHappy and Triggertrap, you need cable from the camera to the Control device (iOS (or Android)), and there is a significant range in price for cables.


To connect my iPod Touch, the cables from TriggerHappy (E3) would cost $49.95, while the Triggertrap’s would require two different cables, a Triggertrap Mobile Dongle ($9.99) and a CL-E3 Camera Cable ($9.99). The easy price winner is Triggertrap.


The Trigger Happy Remote App on iTunes is Free, and is currently at v 1.0.2 (8/8/12), while the Triggertrap (v 1.2.0 (8/2/12)) is available in two versions: Free (limited to 3 trigger modes (Cable Release, vibration sensor and time-lapse) and the Full Premium version at $9.99 on iTunes. The winner here is Trigger Happy, how do you beat Free!


Both software applications seem to be able to perform Remote trigger, Bulb, time-lapse, plus HDR captures, which is something that I am very interested in.

When looking at the HDR controls, the TriggerHappy app seems to allow 1/3 step increments, which allows for finer control, while the Triggertrap seems limited to full stops, so the Edge here seems to be TriggerHappy.

The real separation between the two applications seems to be the various triggers that are available, and the edge in this case seems to be Triggertrap with 5 sensors (Sound, Shock/Vibration, Metal/Magnetic), 4 modes (HDR Time-lapse, Distance-lapse, Motion detection, Cable release and Star Trail), as well as Facial Recognition.


I like the wireless concept of the Hähnel Giga T Pro II, but the price and lack of HDR capabilities takes it out of consideration.

A big concern of mine, when looking at both these systems, is having to carry and connect my iPod Touch, which my not seem like allot, but when you are standing in 2-3 of water in a rushing stream/river, it could be an issue. I also have to wonder what to do during the winter, when the iPod might be exposed to colder temperatures.

Update – (8/10/12 @ 23:18) – In a response to my original Post, I have received info on the “RAP-B-121-UN7U The RAM Universal X-Grip Cell Phone Holder and Clamp” by, which looks like a very promising attachment for hold the iPod to my tripod. Thanks Marty Cohen!

The TriggerHappy does seem to support finer exposure controls, with the 1/3 stop settings, but basic HDR exposures should be able to compensate for that, if correctly bracketed.

With all that has been written above, it seems that at this point, the Triggertrap system would be the most versatile and cost efficient purchase, and will be purchased shortly after the posting of this blog entry.

As always, questions and comments are welcome and encouraged!

– Andrew
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