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Marsh Creek Spillway (9/12 vs 11/4)

A comparison of the spillway dam in Marsh Creek State Park. (Sep ’12 vs Nov ’12) – In the September picture, I am standing in about 4-6 inches of water. — at Marsh Creek State Park.

To get the FULL image, you may need to Zoom-In, 2-times, by Double-Clicking (1500×618).

Marsh Creek Spillway comparison (9/12 vs 11/4)
Marsh Creek Spillway comparison (9/12 vs 11/4)
– Andrew
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Sick of Politics and went for a walk

After spending my Sunday morning, reading all the various headlines, weeding through the rhetoric and engaging in several spirited conversations, it was time to get out of the house.

Especially with the kids!

We backed up, and headed to the Marsh Creek Dam trailhead, and started our Sunday Family nature walk.

The three of us were eager to see what the water level was, since hurricane Sandy had passed over our area earlier in the week.

As we headed down the hill, in the distance, one could see the rapid flow of water as it traveled down the spillway, and by the time we reached the USGS station, it was easy to hear the water thundering over the dam.

From the observation area, we were amazed at the power in front of us.

We walked along the trail, enjoying the first cold weather of the season as we headed for the metal bridge.

After some time, we headed back to the car, as I commented about my adventures to this area back in September.

At dinner, all the kids could talk about was the flooding and the smell!

- Andrew
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Marsh Creek Spillway – Long Exposure

A series of Long Exposures taken of the Marsh Creek Spillway in Chester County, PA.

My first series of images using my new Triggertrap Mobile – Exposures ranging from 0.4-500 seconds, for HDR post capture processing using Adobe Lightroom, Photoshop and Nik Software – HDR Efex Pro 2.


13-Jan-07 – Image “120912 Marsh Creek Spillway bw 01” – Awarded “Best of Super Long Exposure” for 2012 by Triggertrap

- Andrew
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Stop and Smell the Roses HDR Approach…

Summer Hay Bales hdr 02 bw 01
Summer Hay Bales hdr 02 bw 01

It has been over two weeks since I have published something to my Photo-Blog…

This is not to say, that I have not been taken pictures, I’m just back logged on processing!

I have also started to take a different approach…

Several Posts ago, I mentioned the HDR work of Klaus Herrmann (farbspiel), and in particular,  his post on “The General HDR Workflow“.

“Let the finished file sit on your hard disk for a day or two. Don’t post it right away. I found that when you get back to it a day later, you will discover things that you might want to change, things that you did not discover while you were working on the details of the image very intensely.”

True words to live by if you are doing HDR…

I have also taken to heart Klaus’ idea of doing:

  • Noise Removal
  • Sharpening

as early in the HDR process as possible.

I wish I had read or thought about this before!

Anyhow, I just finished posting three images to Flickr and Panoramio, and have many ideas for future captures!

- Andrew
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