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Moving Computers – Lightroom

Adobe Lightroom Icon
Adobe Lightroom Icon

It is always a pain to move to a new computer because there are so many files and settings that need to be redone for the user to really get productive again.

With this idea in mind I offer the following tips and advice in regards to moving an Adobe Lightroom User from one machine to another.

This guide is geared towards people who are technically proficient on the Windows operating system, but should be able to serve as a guide to those working in a Macintosh environment.

If you have any other ideas or tips please feel free to send them my way!

Transferring the Data

As any User of Lightroom knows, the Catalog and Image files are the heart of your work and business, and if you are moving to a new machine, you need to consider what to do with them as you move forward.

On the “C:” drive of Old Machine –

There are several of options available to you, if your original catalogs and Images are still on the main “c:\” hard drive of your old machine.

Transfer files across the Network

If both machines are still attached to a network, you can easily transfer the catalogs across, but that is going to take time, and chew up various network resources.

Remember, depending on the number of Images you have, your catalog directory could easily reach several gigabytes worth of data,in my case: Catalog: 12.7 GBs & Images: 261 GBs

Remove the old hard drive –

If you remove the hard drive, you have two basic options, but before you begin, backup your files on the old machine in your normal manner.

Install in new computer –

By simply taking the hard drive out of the old machine, and installing it into your new machine, is most certainly the easiest of the options, and also gives you a second HD spindle when dealing with I/O operations in Lightroom.

But before you remove the hard drive, be sure to check the compatibility of data interfaces on your new machine – Can the new machine deal with the older IDE interface?

An example I can give, is my new machines, that is based on the Asus Z87-Pro motherboard, which does not have any IDE connections.

Also keep in mind, that if you connect the old “C:” drive, and it wants to reinitialize for whatever reason, and you have not backed up your data…

External case –

This is another good alternative, and does give you the flexibility to move to different environments with little issue, and also gives you the additional spindle speed during I/O, but is subject to the port speed when you plug-in, assuming that the chipset on the external drive is the faster of the two.


There are three critical areas that need to be transferred to your new machine for it to work in a fashion that you are used to: Images, Catalogs and Preferences.

Images –

Do I really need to say more?

Catalogs –

As mentioned earlier, catalogs can easily reach several gigabytes worth of data, but does all that data need to be transferred to the new computer?

Again Users of Lightroom know, and unless they have change the default settings, the program will prompt you to do backups, which are located in a sub-directory of the main catalog directory.


By simply looking into the backup directory, one could easily save time and the amount of data that needs to be transferred, by simply cleaning out old unnecessary files, but this is completely user based.

Just check to see which “Date – Time” named directories really need to be moved.

Preferences –

Since this is most likely a new software install, none of your preferences will be in place, so where are those files located?

Like all other User preferences, they are stored in the operating system’s Users profile directory, that is hidden through the normal interface, that can be easily accessed with a little forethought.


Once you are inside Adobe Lightroom directory, it should be very easy to recognize which directories are most important to you.

In my case I transferred files from these directories onto my new machine:

Adobe\Lightroom\Export Presets
Adobe\Lightroom\Filename Templates
Adobe\Lightroom\Import Presets
Adobe\Lightroom\Keyword Sets
Adobe\Lightroom\Metadata Presets
Adobe\Lightroom\Smart Collection Templates

Once installed in the new directories, Lightroom should have no issue accessing the “.lrtemplate” files. (BTW – If you really want to be geeky, you can open up these files in a text editor and play with them to your heart’s content)


When I moved to my new machine, I used a combination of techniques described above.

On my old machine, the Lightroom catalogs and images were already located on an internal secondary SATA hard drive, so I just removed the old hard drive, and installed it into the new machine.

From there, I copied the images and catalogs (approx 275 GBs) to the root directory of my new machine, creating a new backup of the files.

Even across the SATA III bus, this still took several hours, and I could smell hard drive smoke. (just kidding!)

When I got to my preferences, I connected to my old machine across the network and simply copied the files into the associated directories.

From there, I reconnected the Lightroom catalogs to the local main image directory, now located on the root of my main “c:\” drive.

Finally, I rewrote my old robocopy script to include the additional external hard drive, that I added for redundancy in my backup solution.

  • HDD1 (1.0 TB) – Enhanced (WDC Black) (Live Data)
  • HDD2 (1.5 TB) – Seagate Barracuda 7200 – Backup 01 (Internal)
  • HDD3 (2.0 TB) – WDC Green – Backup 02 (External)

Some may argue, that having all my data on the “c:\” will produce bottlenecks, while I would agree in theory, I also have to wonder with my usage of Intel’s RST technology, reduces this as an issue.

I have also, set the cache files of both Lightroom and Photoshop, to the extra space left over on my Solid State drive, as mentioned in another post.

If you have any thoughts or ideas I’d be very interested in hearing from you.

Good luck!

- Andrew
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Skip’s 30th Reunion

It is the Monday after Skip’s BIG 30th High School Reunion, and unlike Las Vegas, things do not stay there!

He could not afford to spend much time, but he did manage to visit some of the more cherished places.

It is hard to believe that over 30 years ago, Skip first walked down this same slate path into his future…

Looking at the Main Entrance
Looking at the Main Entrance

As he walked through the doors and passed the various announcement boards and into the common room, where he paused and looked.

There it was, at the other end of the dining hall.

The mural of the school’s foundation, that stared at him, during all his meals those many years ago.

Dining Hall Mural
Dining Hall Mural

He walked down the small set of stairs, and moved into the room, where he took this picture.

In the back of his mind, he heard a little voice saying he was about to receive three marks.

He scampered the rest of the way into the hallway, turning right and headed out to to the lawn.

Garth and Steeple
SAS Garth and Steeple

While taking this picture, the clock bells chimed, triggering a distance memory of days gone by, and reminding him that his time to leave was closely approaching.

He walked back across the lawn, reentering the building, looking for that room where he made another cameo appearance several years back.

O Captain! My Captain!
O Captain! My Captain!

Snickering to himself, he knew he had to get back to his boat.

He stayed just long enough for the Class Reunion photo…

The Class of 1983 Reunion Photo
The Class of 1983 Reunion Photo

With that, he was off.

Photoshop Fun with Skip

Happy Birthday Skip! (8/30/12)

I will not get into all the gory details about Skip (my Cuz), other than we share similar humor, and Facebook has helped to instigate some things.

The other day, Skip updated his profile to this…

Profile Picture - Skip (Original)
Profile Picture – Skip (Original)

and at that time, I commented that there should be a “Shark Fin” in the background.

Shortly there after, I was emailed the original cell-phone file above.

So the game is on now…

What could I do to make this image more interesting?

Normally, I stay away from Photoshop “trickery”, but every now and then, it is good to keep the skills sharp…

Shark Attack

So up to Google I go to find some images and ideas…

Skip with Shark 1
Skip with Shark 1

For my first try, I just added a shark to the background, trying to make sure the wakes and waves looked real.

Skip forwarded this image to his mother… Not sure if they are still talking…

Keeping with the Shark theme, and to make life a little easier, I created this…

Skip with Shark 2
Skip with Shark 2

Facebook comment:

Skip – “Yes, it was this exciting, and I may have pooped my pants, just a little!

and from here, borrowing from a classic internet image…

Skip with Shark 3
Skip with Shark 3

Reading the comments on the various pictures, with Skip narrating…

Skip – “What a day that was! Smooth piloting just saved his life in the nick of time!!”

Skip – “and my waverunner was 6′ in the air while I was holding the camera ever so smoothly! :)”

and so endeth “Shark Day”…

Where in the World is Skip?

Late in the afternoon, there was a change in the meme…

I received a file from Skip, which turned into this…

Skip - Where in the World? 01
Skip – Where in the World? 01

Since this is a new Adventure, and I’m sworn to secrecy…

I can not tell you where this might end…

Tee Hee!

History in the making with Skip

After some much-needed coffee, and catching up on the comments, it seems that Skip has now found a TARDIS…

[4-6 million years ago] – Skips First “Interns”

In the early days, Skip had some problems relating to some of the new Interns that had joined the Project…

Skip with Project Interns
Skip with Project Interns

[1495] – Not Skip’s Last Supper

Not Skip's Last Supper
Not Skip’s Last Supper

[1816] – Uncle Sam Skip

Uncle Sam Skip (circa 1816)
Uncle Sam Skip (circa 1816)

[1903 Dec 17] – First Flight – Wright brothers

First Flight - Wright bothers
First Flight – Wright bothers

[1912 – April 15] – RMS Titanic – sometime after 23:40 (ship’s time)

Skip - RMS Titanic (1912)
Skip – RMS Titanic (1912)

Judging by the various pictures that we have found, it seems pretty likely that Skip had tapped into something…

[1937 May 6 – 19:25] – Lakehurst Naval Air Station – German passenger airship LZ 129 Hindenburg

Skip with the Hindenburg (1937) [Dean H]
Skip with the Hindenburg (1937) [Dean H]
Then there were the World Wars…

[1943 February 4–11] – Yalta Conference

Skip at the Yalta Conference (1943)
Skip at the Yalta Conference (1943)

[1947 July 7] – The Skip-well Alien Autopsy

The Skipwell Alien Autopsy
The Skipwell Alien Autopsy

[1963 July 24] – Skip meets two Presidents!

Skip Meets Two Presidents!
Skip Meets Two Presidents!

[1963 August 28] – Washington, DC – “I Have a Dream” speech

Martin Luther King Jr. speech - "I have a Dream" (1963)
Martin Luther King Jr. speech – “I have a Dream” (1963)

Then there was that one day is Dallas…

[1963 November 22 12:30 CST] – Dealey Plaza, Dallas TX

Skip in  Dealey Plaza, Dallas (1963) [Dean H]
Skip in Dealey Plaza, Dallas (1963) [Dean H]
[1969 August 15-18] – Woodstock Music & Art Fair, Bethel, NY

Still to this day, Skip is heard to say to friends – “I don’t remember that!”

Skip at Woodstock (1969)
Skip at Woodstock (1969)

and at the same time, he is known to say – “Are you experienced?”

Skip with Jimi Hendrix (1969)
Skip with Jimi Hendrix (1969)

[1969 July 20] – Mare TranquillitatisSea of Tranquility“, MoonApollo 11

Skip with Apollo 11
Skip with Apollo 11

[1970 December 21] – The King and the Crook

The King and Crook
The King and Crook

[1987 September 25] – While on set for “The Princess Bride’s”, Skip was able to capture this classic scene

Skip on set with "The Princess Bride"
Skip on set with “The Princess Bride”

[2004 February 1] – Superbowl XXXVIII Oops!

Skip has an Oops!
Skip has an Oops!

[2006 October 11] – “In Saturn’s Shadow

Skip takes a look back
Skip takes a look back

[2012 May 17] – Is Skip the next Carl Bernstein? or Bob Woodward?
or the mysterious man in the shadows….

Skip at a private fundraiser (5/17/2012)
Skip at a private fundraiser (5/17/2012)

[2012 August 30] – Skip had heard via various sources, that there was a party in town… Even with a hurricane blowing into town, he was able to witness history in the making…

Skip At The Republican National Convention (08/30/2012)
Skip At The Republican National Convention (08/30/2012)

[2012 September 24] – So Skip… What is your call on this one…

Skip, what is your call on this one? (09/24/2012)
Skip, what is your call on this one? (09/24/2012)

[2012 October 14] – Once again Skip shows his desire to be at the edge of everything…

Skip - Space Jump
Skip – Space Jump

[2012 October 30] – As fate would have it, Skip was one of the last people able to fly into New York City, and Hurricane Sandy could be seen in the distance.

Skip & Hurricane Sandy
Skip & Hurricane Sandy

[2013 June 08] – 30th High School Reunion!

Check out some of the picture Skip took during his 30th High School Reunion weekend!

Carpe Diem!

[2013 July 21 02:02 AM] – Geraldo and Skip after Last-call

Geraldo and Skip after Last-call
Geraldo and Skip after Last-call

[2013 July] – Skip takes pictures of Weiner

Skip's Weiner pictures
Skip’s Weiner pictures

[2013 August 19] – Shark, Shark, Skip!

Shark, Shark, Skip!
Shark, Shark, Skip!

[2013 August 23] – The Royal Birth

Skip's New Cousin!
Skip’s New Cousin!

[2013 August 29] – An Early Birthday present

Happy 48th Skip!
Happy 48th Skip!

At one with Nature

During a recent trip, Skip was able to meetup with old friend, Bryan!

Skip with his friend Bryan
Skip with his friend Bryan

While checking on the ‘neighborhood’, Skip Middleton startled some of the local wildlife, some of whom where NOT happy with his kind of paparazzi…

Skip with Bigfoot
Skip with Bigfoot

Skip in Space

With the help of S.R. Hadden, of Hadden Industries, Skip was able to take a quick trip, and capture this Kodak moment (See Date-line entry above).

Not many people realized, Skip left the planet, for his real mission, which had begun many years before… He was eager to compare notes with Dr. David Bowman later on in the “day”.

Skip with Tycho Monolith Anomaly 1 (TMA-1)
Skip with Tycho Monolith Anomaly 1 (TMA-1)

In an email/text to his mother, Skip, said “You should meet HAL! It’s so cool to talk with a computer! Should be Home in a couple of days! L8ter! – Skip”

Skip with HAL9000
Skip with HAL9000

Snapshots of Life

[No GPS data available] – Skip on alert!

Skip on Alert!
Skip on Alert!

[Budapest] – During one of Skip’s many adventures, he ran into this timeless traveler.

Skip - Budapest
Skip – Budapest

[Justin Bieber] – Ever since Justin Bieber’s songs first appeared in 2008, Skip has been a big fan. Then there was the big night, where Justin invited Skip to one of his concerts, and gave him an “All Access Pass”! Needless to say, Skip was thrilled, and even managed to capture this image.

Skip & Justin Bieber
Skip & Justin Bieber

Skip in the Movies

Skip does not always talk about his screen, but when he does, it is sure to be epic!

[1953 – “War of the Worlds“] – Scouting

Can Skip Survive?
Can Skip Survive?

[1968 – “Planet of the Apes“] – Scouting

Planet of the Skip
Planet of the Skip

With one sci-fi movie under his belt, and a couple of years of makeup, Skip reappeared on in another classic…

[1975 – “Rocky ‘Skip’ Horror Picture Show” – Behind the Scenes]

Rocky Skip Horror (1975)
Rocky Skip Horror (1975)

[1975 – “Jaws“] – Skip on set

What is it with Skip and sharks?

Skip's Jaws
Skip’s Jaws

[1977 – “Star Wars IV: A New Hope” – TEST SCENES]

Skip Wars
Skip Wars

From that Space-Time, he travel to another dimension on the small screen for a quick role…

For his next role, Skip added some weight, and was forced to strip down for his next part…

[1999 – Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me – TEST SCENES]

Skip Bastard
Skip Bastard

In his latest role, he had to squeeze into a metal suit… Not sure how he did it, but pictures very lie!

[2013 May – Iron Man 3 – TEST SCENES]

Iron Skip
Iron Skip

[2366 – Locutus of Borg: aka Startfleet Captain Jean-Luc Picard – TEST SCENES]


Skip in Music

Not everyone has a record album, and even few have a Greatest Hits!

Skip's Greatest Hits
Skip’s Greatest Hits

Various projects

Some of Skip’s adventures have even been known to be glamorous!

Skip Klum Carson
Skip Klum Carson
§ § § § §

If you are interested in following Skip’s Adventure, sign-up for the RSS feed, or Subscribe via email!

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Restoration of Michael Moran

Michael Moran Restoration - In Frame
Michael Moran Restoration – In Frame

Over the past couple of days, I have been exchanging phone calls with a potential Photo Restoration client, and today I finally got to met Eleanor and my new project, Michael Moran.

From what Eleanor had told me on the phone, was the original was 16×20 inches, mounted into a new wooden frame some years ago.

When Eleanor arrived, the picture was packaged in bubble wrap and a white garbage bag, being especially careful, since it had rained lightly earlier in the day.

As we sat and talked, I reiterated that it was not very common for people to get pictures done because of the expense and time involved, let alone an immigrant of the 1800s, and especially at a large size!

“I have a call into my brother to confirm that Michael Moran was from Ireland. He married Mary Hughes here in the States. Four children were born and 3 survived to adulthood (one of which was my grandmother). He became the Head Farmer for the Cassatt estate until he died of pneumonia.” – Eleanor

We chatted some more, and when Eleanor left, I knew I was in for a really good adventure with this Restoration project!

The first thing that I wanted to do, was document what I was doing, just encase I was confronted with some issue as I progressed.


So, how was I going to get this thing apart?

Turing it over, I inspected how the internal frame was connected to the external picture, and I was able to find five (5) small nails holding the picture to the frame.

Restore Michael Moran - Connection Nails
Connection Nails

Thankfully, these nails were easily removed with a pair of needle-nose pliers and some careful tugs.

Once the exterior frame was separated from the interior one, the next element to be aware of was the large pane of glass, and when it was removed, and inspected more carefully, had several ripples as a sign of age.

It was also now possible to closely inspect the surface tears and map them to the backside of the frame.

Toward the middle of the image, there was this pair of tears, one going all the way through to the fiber of the cloth backing, and a strange blue mark:

Restore Michael Moran - Tears (Middle)
Restore Michael Moran – Tears (Middle)

and near the bottom of the image, there was this tear:

Restore Michael Moran Tears (Bottom)
Restore Michael Moran Tears (Bottom)

Note – You can double-click on the pictures to get a larger view of the damage.

Michael Moran Restoration - Surface Cracks and Water Stains
Additional Surface Cracks and Water Stains

Some of the damage appears to be simple cracks to the surface, along with other water stains.

Michael Moran Restoration - Top Edge Damage Detail
Top Edge Damage Detail

When looking at the edges, there is noticeable damage to the cloth used to connect the images to the frame.


I always have a concern when I am faced with a large print, especially of this size!

What also makes this digitization more challenging, is the fixed wood frame that the image is suspended on.

Most of the time, I encounter loose original prints that are not mounted, and with the condition of the cloth material, there was no way that I was going to remove this image from the frame for scanning.

The scanner I use, is an old Epson Perfection 4490 Photo, which I bought numerous years ago, and has a scanning bed of approximately 9×13 inches.

Another requirement of this project, was to scan the original to be Printed at 100%, which I knew was going to make for some very BIG files, but I had a plan, and hoped that my scanner was up for the task.

My solution, like many times before, was to break up the scan into four (4) sections: upper-left, upper-right, lower-left, and lower right, and then combine them into one image using Adobe Photoshop layers.

The final concern, and the most important, the scanners depth-of-field, which is exactly the same concept as with cameras, but with desktop scanners, the depth-of-field is very shallow, and the beveled lip on the edge of the scanner was not going to help, even if it was only 2-3 mm above the glass surface.

I lined up the first corner, leaving just a little break between the scanners capture edge and the edge of the print.

Once aligned, I placed a soft folded cloth on top, and then added some weights to gently and evenly press as much of the picture surface to the glass bed of the scanner as possible, and repeated three more times.


Once I had the four (4) quadrants scanned into 16-bit TIFF files, my next step was to combine the scans into one image, making absolutely sure that the images overlapped enough to mask out any softness that might have occurred during the scanning stage.

Restore Michael Moran - Quadrants pre-combined
Restore Michael Moran – Quadrants pre-combined

Thankfully, and once again, my Epson did not let me down!

Once combined, the final image is beginning to take shape.

Restore Michael Moran Working Proof - Before
Restore Michael Moran Working Proof – Before

From here, it is just taking the time to use the various tools within Photoshop to clean-up the various issues caused by cracks, rips, tears and water. For more information on how to handle these issues, please consult the various reference materials that are available on the internet.

Proof Image

After several hours of clean-up and tweaking, the proof image looks like this:

Restore Michael Moran - Proof 01
Restore Michael Moran – Proof 01

but remember, it is always the Client that has the final say!

- Andrew
§ § § § §
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HDR Cookbook by Klaus Herrmann (farbspiel)

HDR Cookbook - Klaus Herrmann (farbspiel)
HDR Cookbook – Klaus Herrmann (farbspiel)

A couple of days ago, I found the link to “HDR Cookbook – Creating 32-bit HDRs the Right Way“, and basically, have NOT left the website since.

Klaus Herrmann (farbspiel) is a photographer out of Germany, who specializes in Interior HDR Photography.

On his main website, “HDR Cookbook“, you will find a wonderful collection of pages, that describe in vivid detail, the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of creating his beautiful images.

Topic include:

Over the years, I have gone through many pages and videos on “How to do…” HDR, but this is the first site that I have found, that goes into ‘in-depth’ experiments explaining why certain steps are needed to achieve the final product.

Seeing the side-by-side effects of software and processing, has caused me to reconsider how I will view and process future images.

Recently, I have been revisiting some of my older captures, and processing them with new knowledge and techniques.

In reading Klaus’ suggested Workflow, which is highly recommended, he makes the following observation:

Let the finished file sit on your hard disk for a day or two. Don’t post it right away. I found that when you get back to it a day later, you will discover things that you might want to change, things that you did not discover while you were working on the details of the image very intensely. If you let you mind do other things and some time passes, you will look at the image more objectively, more like your viewers will. If you’re content with the image now, go ahead and post it.

Needless to say, I highly recommend that if you are interested in HDR, Tone Mapping related photography, and are in search of some advanced tips, techniques and very qualified insights, then you should be rewarded with a visit to “HDR Cookbook“.

- Andrew
§ § § § §
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