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Skip’s 30th Reunion

It is the Monday after Skip’s BIG 30th High School Reunion, and unlike Las Vegas, things do not stay there!

He could not afford to spend much time, but he did manage to visit some of the more cherished places.

It is hard to believe that over 30 years ago, Skip first walked down this same slate path into his future…

Looking at the Main Entrance
Looking at the Main Entrance

As he walked through the doors and passed the various announcement boards and into the common room, where he paused and looked.

There it was, at the other end of the dining hall.

The mural of the school’s foundation, that stared at him, during all his meals those many years ago.

Dining Hall Mural
Dining Hall Mural

He walked down the small set of stairs, and moved into the room, where he took this picture.

In the back of his mind, he heard a little voice saying he was about to receive three marks.

He scampered the rest of the way into the hallway, turning right and headed out to to the lawn.

Garth and Steeple
SAS Garth and Steeple

While taking this picture, the clock bells chimed, triggering a distance memory of days gone by, and reminding him that his time to leave was closely approaching.

He walked back across the lawn, reentering the building, looking for that room where he made another cameo appearance several years back.

O Captain! My Captain!
O Captain! My Captain!

Snickering to himself, he knew he had to get back to his boat.

He stayed just long enough for the Class Reunion photo…

The Class of 1983 Reunion Photo
The Class of 1983 Reunion Photo

With that, he was off.

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