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Dowlin Forge Park panorama 01

This shot was done by combining (28) images, and a little stitching together in Photoshop…

This was the file that I was talking about the other day… That 10.6+ GB job

Well, after more play, including Zoomify, here it is!! <<<

Be sure to use the Controls at the bottom to Zoom in an Move around!!

Full Screen is even better!

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Drawdown with Snow – Chambers Lake

I was driving along Chamber Lake in Hibernia Park yesterday, and I had to stop for the view of the drawdown with snow.

This is a small (3635×1000) panoramic view, of 9 images ‘stitched’ together, looking toward the dam.

Chambers Lake panorama with Snow (3635x1000)
Chambers Lake panorama with Snow (3635×1000)

I was standing knee-deep in snow, and for the locals, there is a good 5-8 feet of water missing because of the drawdown.

You can also see maintenance trucks working on the dam itself.

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Panorama of Kerr Park Post Hurricane Irene

I finally finished this MONSTER!

As I blogged before, this image is composed of 42 images stitched together in Photoshop CS5, and then some Tone Mapping.

NOTE – By Clicking on the Image Twice (2 Times) you can see the FULL image!

Kerr Park - Post Hurricane Irene - Panorama
Kerr Park – Post Hurricane Irene – Panorama

At one point, this file was 3.7GBs in size!

But I have been able to get it down to a little over 7MBs as a JPEG file.

It has been interesting to see which sites are having problems with the size…


Sites having issues with the FULL size image – 11336×1000 (157.4″x13.8″)

Sites NOT having issues with the FULL size image – 11336×1000 (157.4″x13.8″)

Hope you enjoy!

– Andrew
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Large Image Files – PSB vs TIFF

In this post, I am going to explore some basic differences between the various Photoshop file formats: PSD, TIFF and PSB

I’m working on a very large image, and it is a panorama of (42) 10 MP captures, each between 8-10 MBs, merged into Photoshop CS5.1.

Photoshop CS 5.1 can not save anything over 2.0 GBs as a PSD file…

Photoshop CS 5.1 - 2 GB File Size error message
Photoshop CS 5.1 – 2 GB File Size error message

The TIFF file is 3.7 GBs…

File Properties - TIFF
File Properties – TIFF

and the PSB file is 2.7 GBs…

File Properties - PSB
File Properties – PSB

Open Questions

In this example above, there is approximately 1 GB (25%) loss in file size…

Where did it go?

  • File compress?
  • Color Data?
  • File Optimization?


  • Photoshop PSD (max) file size: 2 GBs
  • Photoshop PSB (max) file size: 4 exabytes (300,000 x 300,000 pixels – 350 x 350 feet)
  • TIFF (max) file size: 4 GBs


  • Lightroom is not “seeing” my 2.7 GB PSB file, but is “seeing” the 3.7 GB TIFF.


anyone got any ideas?

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Exton Square Mall Carnival Panorama 01

A view from the Ferris Wheel at Exton Square Mall Spring Carnival
A view from the Ferris Wheel at Exton Square Mall Spring Carnival

I finally got time to stitch these panoramic together, and I am actually surprised at how well it came out, considering that it was hand-held in a moving Ferris Wheel!

I have also gotten a chance to post my entry for that Mother’s Day event with the family.

This is a VERY LARGE IMAGE (6000 px x 4500 px)!

– Andrew
Andrew (SDC) - View my '110508 Exton Square Mall Carnival' set on Flickriver
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