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North West trails of Marsh Creek State Park

I captured these images during a fall walk along the North West trails of Marsh Creek State Park in Chester County, PA.

These images share some of the views during my 5+ mile walk, and thankfully, the there was no real rain to speak of during my outing.

Once again, the storm clouds added some drama to the scenes.

Hope you enjoy!

- Andrew
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Drawdown with Snow – Chambers Lake

I was driving along Chamber Lake in Hibernia Park yesterday, and I had to stop for the view of the drawdown with snow.

This is a small (3635×1000) panoramic view, of 9 images ‘stitched’ together, looking toward the dam.

Chambers Lake panorama with Snow (3635x1000)
Chambers Lake panorama with Snow (3635×1000)

I was standing knee-deep in snow, and for the locals, there is a good 5-8 feet of water missing because of the drawdown.

You can also see maintenance trucks working on the dam itself.

- Andrew
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A Fall walk in the Peacedale Preserve

Some images taken during a late Fall walk in the Natural Lands Trust’s Peacedale Preserve in Chester County, PA.

There was a weather front moving through while I was there, which allowed for some very interesting cloud and lighting conditions, and several times, I was able to see some Crepuscular rays.

At one point during my walk, I encountered a real old-timer.

In the middle of the Preserve, there is a huge beech tree, at is 3-4 feet in diameter, and easily several hundreds of years old!

I don’t think I have ever seen a monster like this!

I was also extremely surprised with all the wooly bear caterpillar that I encountered. (Predicting Winter Weather: Woolly Bear Caterpillars)

During my walk, I had to avoid walking on over a dozen of these critters!

- Andrew
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