Hong Kong Personal Travel

Heading Home

The voyage back to the states

13:45 P - UA Flt# 3806 - Hong Kong -> San Francisco (3E)
14:40 P - UA Flt# 394 - San Francisco -> Philadelphia (4C)

Breakfast at the Hotel

Limo to the Airport

Hong Kong Airport

I waited with Dad for his plane to Manila.

Armed Soldiers walked the Airport, and when someone tried to video them, they placed their hands in the way of the lens, and told the people to stop.

Airplane flight back to the States

Once again, I was in First Class.

There was more air turbulence on the way back.

I ended up drinking the booze that was on the serving table right next to me!

Apprx. 09:30am – I got into the San Francisco Airport

My flight out of SF was for 14:20pm!!

San Francisco to Philadelphia

The flight was a little late leaving.

The movie on the flight was “The Mask”

Holly & Russ picked me up at the Airport

I did not get Home and into bed until approx 05:00am!!

– Andrew
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