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Shanghai onto Hong Kong

We were joined today by a relatively new employee

Walk on the Water Front

Shopping in Shanghai

Yu Gardens

Uniquely shaped rocks with wonderful plant gardens.

I did not bring my camera, but if I had, I would have used B&W film.

Lunch at The Oldest Shanghai Restaurant

Mr. Cheng had problems with the original waitress, and complained to the manager.

From what I understand, we were first told by the waitress to look in another area of the
restaurant, but when Mr. Cheng persisted, the waitress did not wait to work because she was tired.

I could understand her plight, but if this had not been a Communistic country, she would have been right on our party.

More shopping in Shanghai

Bought the jade pendants for Amy & Debbie

Flight from Shanghai to Hong Kong

Hotel Limo from the Airport

Black Stretch Mercedes-Benz

Back at The Grand Hyatt, Hong Kong

The person at the front desk knew Dad visually as her approached the front desk, and she walked us up to our room.

Talk about Service!!

At the hotel bar

Dad and I had a wonderful conversation, while I was eye flirting with a blonde in a red dress.

There were definitely points in our conversation, that I wished Dad would disappeared and gone to bed!

After Dad left the bar, I meet Ian Crinters. He claimed that he was the retired Ex-president for CitiBank, Hong Kong.

Ian also introduced me to Dr. Wally.

Apparently, Dr. Wally is one of the leading Dentists in Hong Kong.

Dr. Wally and I ended up having a conversation about China and food. I mentioned that in the today’s paper, I had read about how to make snake soup, he offered to take me to a restaurant that served an excellent good snake soup.

The bill for Dad & I comprised of 6-7 beers for me, and 3 Scotches for Dad. I signed for the bill and it was for $766.00 plus tab!!!! Grant it, it was Hong Kong dollars, but it is still a shock!!

– Andrew
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