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Five years ago, we were watching the now-defunct TV series “Millenium” (done by Chris Carter, the same guy who does “X-files”), and they had a whole show based on a cult who believed that the world was going to end on May 5, 2000 because there would be a total planetary alignment. We joked that we should plan to get married 5/5/2000 since the world was going to end anyway, and then Andrew wouldn’t really have to stay married. Andrew confirmed with some online research that the planetary alignment was really going to happen, and so, the joke date was born…

As the year 2000 approached, we discovered that 5/5/2000 was in fact a FRIDAY. Of course, because we care about YOU and didn’t want everyone we know to hate us for making them take a day off work, we were forced to move the date of the wedding to the next day, Saturday May 6th. (Isn’t it a good thing 5/5 wasn’t a Wednesday?)

However, to retain the legend of the planetary alignment, we plan to have our marriage license issued for May 5, 2000 and celebrate our anniversary on that date as well. We know this is a little unusual, but because you know both of us can be unusual AT BEST sometimes, this is fitting!

See you on the Sixth!

– Amy
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