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Welcome Kathryn Nevin

I would like to welcome Kathryn Nevin as Editor to!

This is a new adventure for the both of us, and I can only hope that it will propagate into something more adventurous!

Kathryn & I meet 30+ years ago at St. Andrew’s School in Middletown DE, and we recently reconnected via Facebook, and after some chatting, we are here.

Kathryn will be working on starting up her Eagle-Eye Editing business and adding her prose to the website, while she helps me clean up after my many grammatical and spelling viruses!

Now I can also offer my clients in the mental health and social justice industries a Professional Editing Services through Seymour Digital Consulting!

Welcome again, Kathryn Nevin!

- Andrew
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Eagle-Eye Editing is in the House of Seymour!

Hello and welcome to the joint venture of Eagle-Eye Editing and Seymour Digital Consulting. It’s a venture infused by the great harmony of the written word and the visual text. It’s also great when childhood bears good fruit; I am grateful to St. Andrew’s School for my connection to Andrew Seymour and for so many other good people and experiences. It was at St. Andrew’s where I first caught two serious viruses that have shaped my life forever — the Poetry Virus and the Editing Virus. They are formidable bugs, but entirely manageable and I expect they will produce even more good in the near future. So — I am happy to be here, happy to be the House Editor and happy to have another place to kick off my shoes. Please stick around for new posts about me, my editing business, and my work here with Andrew. Thanks for your time!

Kathryn’s Other’s Site:

Contact me here too!



- Kathryn
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Winning Giveaways – SnapKnot

Contests & Giveaways - atldealfinder.netHey, I am just like another human who buys lottery tickets… Someone has to win!

When I was a kid, getting the Publishers Clearing House envelope was allot of fun.

It contained a large sheet of magazine stamps, that you had to disassemble, then lick the back and paste it to the choice cards.

See the problem yet?

Now in the digital age, with social media, we can enter contests and giveaways all day long, by clicking a few buttons, and exposing our personal data, all for the sake of a new ‘toy’.

Pavlov would be so proud of us…

With that being said, and the reason for this post, is to try and ‘earn’ 25 Bonus Entries for a new camera, and all I have to do is place the following in my blog –

Big thanks to the SnapKnot wedding photography directory for offering this great camera giveaway!

and now I have to reply to the email, along with the URL of this post, and within the “next 24 hours and we’ll award you 25 bonus entries. If you need more than 24 hours, no worries we’ll still provide you with 20 bonus entries.

I can’t lose, especially, if I tell my friends and visitors that I have special links just for them, so they can also enter! [Contest  April 12-Jul-15, 2013 – 11:59PM PST]

So please sign-up and have a great day!

- Andrew
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Corrupt Header Image Issue – SOLVED logo

I’m having one of those smack my head moments right now…

Seems that when I transferred hosting companies, not all my root level path names transferred cleanly, and it has caused little issues over time, and finally today, I solved a long-standing issue with Corrupt Header Image!

Normally, one can customize their WordPress Header by using Appearance > Header to add an image or several, and then have the Header area display Random images.

This can be a very cool idea, but what if you wanted to Delete one of those images?

In my case, one of my Random images had become corrupt, or should I say, the link had been broken…

When a web page displayed, and the Random feature was turned “On“, you had a 1 in 5 chance of seeing a Large Default Broken Link Icon, which is very ugly to first time visitors, so I had to resort back to a Single image for my Header.

In my basic research into this, several Posts suggested that I should check my


for the images (Note – this is a Child theme).

In my case, none of the Five header images where there.

Where to look next…

Finally having some time to dig into the code, the Images in the Custom Header section can be found by when the images were Posted!

wp-content/uploads   <- Year/Month

Which makes sense, but there is not direct link in Appearance > Header, or ‘float over’ info on the source/pathname of the Images.

In Media manager, a Header image is shown in Bold, “– Header Image“, but there is no filter to find them all at once.

To find my Image in question, I used the Appearance > Header page, and then using the Show Code feature, I was able to trace back to the correct uploads folder.

Unfortunately, once at the correct image, Edit Media, there is no way to Edit the base filename path to fix the broken Link, so I had to Delete the entire image.

Broken -
Correct -

Once done, and a quick Refresh, the Appearance > Header page displays the rest of the Header images correctly, and you are now able to use the Random button without a Visitor Display issue!

Hope this helps another Admin/User!

- Andrew
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Looking at Pixoto

Over the past several months, I have been watching several of my Facebook contacts using Pixoto, and during that time, I would check out the site every now and then, but stopped short of signing up.

Until a couple of days ago…

What is Pixoto?

It is an online Photography competition site, at has recently added other graphic arts formats to the array of seemingly endless images, all vying for Top honors and the potential of money.

How does Pixoto work?

Basically, one uploads their images, with at least a 900px long side, no water-markings to their account.

From there, one selects from several main Categories (Abstract, Animals, Babies, People, etc.) and sub-categories, adding a Title and some keywords that best fit and describe the image.

Once submitted, your image is now in one of several competitions within the Category for Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Yearly recognition(s).

“Playing” Pixoto

This is the easy, fun and potentially beautiful part of “playing” Pixoto!

Clicking on the “Vote” button in the top menu, sets up the ImageDual™ environment, where two images are sent to the screen, and you click on the one you like more.

Two competing images continue to pop-up on-screen until you decide you are done, and by selecting images in the shoot-out, you are also collecting 1 Credit that can be used later for submitting more images, or giving them a “boost”.

One can spend hours in front of the computer screen with the television or something else is going on in the background.

Not all the images are great, but that is the point, to select or weed out that do not reach the mark, for what ever reason.

Your Submissions

Within seconds, you will see feedback on how your image is doing, based on a ‘secret’ formula for scoring.

The algorithm apparently factors in the Win/Lose ratio and the ranking of competing image, to come up with the scoring.

It is not uncommon to see an image rise quickly, and then level off as its ‘final’ ranking is being solidified over the course of time.

The course of time

If an images starts to reach various percentage levels (Top 1%/5%/10%, etc.) during the course of time (Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Yearly) additional points will be awarded, and if your image can get to the top, there is the possibility of earning money.


Flickr – Flickr is by far the bigger of the two sites, and has many more competitions, but that is also a big distraction for some. It can be complicated, take a long time to figure out and to compete in various contests. Pixoto is far simpler!

Paid vs Free – Like most sites these days, there are two versions, and a side-by-side comparison can be found on the website, but for me, at least at the moment, I can not justify the expense see so few benefits in my case.

Selling Stock Images – This is a new feature on Pixoto, and sounds very interesting. On the surface, I like the idea of the higher payout compared to some of the other micro-stock sites I belong to, but I have not tried it yet.


If you do move forward and get yourself an account, here are some things that I have already run into:

Watermarks – I am of the school of putting a watermark on all my images, if nothing more as a form of advertising and some copyright protection.

On Pixoto, images are displayed in competition without watermarks, but are shown with the sites default user copyright on your page/gallery, and are some what protected via simple right-click efforts.

Why? – In competition Pixoto is trying to reduce any bias during the ImageDual™, which is easily understandable, and they do take it seriously.

I accidentally uploaded a few files with my watermark, and they were reported.

I did receive a nice, informative Notification from Pixoto that my images had been removed, but it did cost me my ‘earned’  ImageDual™ points, and additional Credits to up load them again.

Upload Issue – I have, on several occasions, tried to upload an image, only to find ‘scan line’ errors on the thumbnails and larger images.

My work around, has been to delete the image quickly, because you do not want to lose points, delete my browser cache (Firefox), and then try again.

So far, this seems to work, but it is a time killer.

If interested, I can be Followed on the site as well!

Click Here is a special Invite Code!


It is very easy to connect to Pixoto via Facebook or Twitter, even though I dislike using those services to link to accounts, but that adds to the simpleness of using the site.

I have also been very interested seeing how my Top images on Flickr are doing on Pixoto, which is helping me to better select images for promotion on my main website, but at the moment, Flickr edges Pixoto in easy of direct feedback on an image.

I do like the idea of being able to sell stock images from Pixoto, but I have not had a chance to test this feature yet, but I do plan to!

With all the above being said, I would recommend using Pixoto to increase your exposure to a larger audience, while fine-tuning your portfolio, and maybe making some money!

Click Here is a special Invite Code!

- Andrew
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