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Corrupt Header Image Issue – SOLVED logo

I’m having one of those smack my head moments right now…

Seems that when I transferred hosting companies, not all my root level path names transferred cleanly, and it has caused little issues over time, and finally today, I solved a long-standing issue with Corrupt Header Image!

Normally, one can customize their WordPress Header by using Appearance > Header to add an image or several, and then have the Header area display Random images.

This can be a very cool idea, but what if you wanted to Delete one of those images?

In my case, one of my Random images had become corrupt, or should I say, the link had been broken…

When a web page displayed, and the Random feature was turned “On“, you had a 1 in 5 chance of seeing a Large Default Broken Link Icon, which is very ugly to first time visitors, so I had to resort back to a Single image for my Header.

In my basic research into this, several Posts suggested that I should check my


for the images (Note – this is a Child theme).

In my case, none of the Five header images where there.

Where to look next…

Finally having some time to dig into the code, the Images in the Custom Header section can be found by when the images were Posted!

wp-content/uploads   <- Year/Month

Which makes sense, but there is not direct link in Appearance > Header, or ‘float over’ info on the source/pathname of the Images.

In Media manager, a Header image is shown in Bold, “– Header Image“, but there is no filter to find them all at once.

To find my Image in question, I used the Appearance > Header page, and then using the Show Code feature, I was able to trace back to the correct uploads folder.

Unfortunately, once at the correct image, Edit Media, there is no way to Edit the base filename path to fix the broken Link, so I had to Delete the entire image.

Broken -
Correct -

Once done, and a quick Refresh, the Appearance > Header page displays the rest of the Header images correctly, and you are now able to use the Random button without a Visitor Display issue!

Hope this helps another Admin/User!

- Andrew
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