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Face(s) of Struble Trail

Some images taken along Struble Trail in Downingtown, Chester County PA.

How many faces can you find?

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Chester County Downingtown HDR Nature Photo Journal Photography Reference

Large Tree Mushroom

A couple of days ago, I was walking through this area of Struble trail, and saw this series of large orange tree mushrooms.  Unfortunately, I did not have my tripod for the required shot that I had in my head.

Fast forward today…

Large Tree Mushroom

This is a series of (3) exposures for the HDR work, but shot at F22 with my Canon EF 28-135 IS USM lens.

These specimens range in size. The one on the left, mid frame, is easily 12 inches long!

I’m also still trying to identify this species of tree mushroom, so if you know, please contact me!


2014-Nov-26 16:48Having now skimmed through several of the References listed, I think this is either an “Artist’s Conk, Artist’s Bracket, Flacher Lackporling” Ganoderma applanatum (Fomes applanatus) or a “Sulfur Shelf, Crab of the Woods, Chicken of the Woods, sulphur polypore”, Laetiporus sulphureus (Polyporus sulphureus).

2014-Nov-28 17:03 – By request, I have added another images of these specimens .

Large Tree Mushrooms Large Tree Mushrooms


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Chester County Creeks Downingtown Events Nature Photo Journal Rivers Water Weather

pre Hurricane Sandy

After spending much of the day, waiting for Hurricane Sandy, I finally got so stir-crazy, that I grabbed my camera and headed put for a quick drive around the neighborhood to see what ‘life’ looked like, and here is what I saw…

You might also be interested in taking a look at last years Hurricane Irene photos.

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Chester County Downingtown Nature Photo Journal Rivers

Nature Walk on Struble Trail

It was another warm summer Sunday, and the kids needed to get out of the house and get some exercise.

We got our water bottles together, and I filled the back packs with them.

The three of us got in the car, and headed for the Dowlin Forge Road entrance of the Struble Trail.

Once there, we parked and gathered ourselves, and the started our walk, heading North.

Near the middle of the big long curve (2.0 mile marker), there was an older couple, looking into the creek with great excitement.

As we got closer, they called us over to take a look at the big Snapping turtle near the edge of the creek.

When we got there, and looked down the ten foot embankment, one could easily see a Snapping turtle who’s shell was easily 15 inches or longer.

The kids looked with some quiet excitement, and we continued on.

We found our little creek trail, darted into the woods, and then quickly found the cold water.

It felt so good!

While the kids played at the water edge, I setup my tripod, and did these images.

Nature Walk hdr 04 (10 Aug 08)

Nature Walk hdr 04 (10 Aug 08)

Nature Walk hdr 06 (10 Aug 08)

Nature Walk hdr 06 (10 Aug 08)

As you can see, the water level is VERY LOW!

We began to walk up the creek, following the land, an area we have walked numerous time before.

When we got near the Fishing Area, I was able to capture this wonderful image.

Creek Claw - Struble Trail (Downingtown, PA)

Creek Claw – Struble Trail (Downingtown, PA)

I have walked on and around this tree many a times, but have never seen it like this!

So it goes without saying, we need some rain, and these pictures do show it!

Eventually, we got back on the wooded trail, and on to the paved section heading to the Parking Lot.

Dinner and Bed, soon to follow.

“Good Night Moon!”

– Andrew
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Chester County Downingtown Nature Photo Journal Photography

Spring time on Struble Trail

It has been a long winter…

Most of February, was spent inside… Blizzard after blizzard… Snow and more snow…

We needed to get out, so we ventured down to Struble Trail for a longed needed walk.

It was also good to see the colors of spring!

Moss 001 (Re-release)
Moss 001 (Re-release)

and a young fern uncurling…

Moss and Fern
Moss and Fern

a nice collection of fiddle-heads, getting ready to burst…

Fiddleheads  on Ferns
Fiddleheads on Ferns

More images can be found on my Photostream…

Andrew (SDC) - View my 'Struble Trail (April 2010)' set on Flickriver

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