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Cymatics by Nigel Stanford

This morning I was doing my daily social media check-in, and on one of my walls appeared a link to Fascinating: How Matter Reacts to Sound.

I got 41 seconds into the Link, and I had to jump to the YouTube link…

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

I have been there pretty much ever since…

Cymatics is from Nigel Stanford’s new album, Solar Echoes, which is a Double Album download on iTunes and as mp3, wav files for only $9.95!

I have lost count of how many times I have listened to and watched this track!

It is mesmerizing!

The cinematographer,Timur Civan, captures nature “performing” to a mixture of well-crafted tones and beats similar to those found in Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, Rick Wakeman, Mike Oldfield, and Sky.

To my ear, it is very addicting and can induce some serious desk dancing.

What is also very cool is that Nigel Stanford, Shahir Daud (Director), Timur Civan, and gang have also posted six mini videos of how they created and filmed each of the classic science experiments performed in the video!

I can only imagine how much fun it would have been to take part in creating this video!

To say that they had way too much fun doing this video would be an understatement.

While listening to Cymatics, I started to explore the rest of his site, and found out why Nigel’s music and style seemed familiar to me!

TimeScapes by Tom Lowe

TimeScapes was released at the end of 2011 and was an instant hit because of it’s stunning cinematography, slow motion capture, and music!

If you have not seen it, check out the Official Website and watch the clip!

If you have any interest in nature or science, and like great music, both CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music and TimeScapes are well worth your time!

If you happen to be a science teacher, the “Behind the Scenes” video for CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music are very well done, and are simple overviews of some classic science experiments, and should easily invite good conversations in the classroom.

Needless to say I can’t wait to show my kids when they get home!

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Additional Links

Additional Links

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Feeding in the Front Yard

My daughter and I, were just returning from dropping off my son a birthday party, and we were just getting out of the car and heading into the house.

As I was opening up the front door with my keys, I noticed out of the corner my eye something on the lawn, and a focused on the object.

I was startled to realize, that I was looking at an immature Red-tailed Hawk, standing in the middle my front yard, eating something.

Daddy photo of Madison on iPods 01
Daddy photo of Madison on iPods 01

I motioned to my daughter to get her attention, and then to be quiet, by putting my finger to my lips with one hand, and pointing to the direction of interest with my other hand.

Seconds later, there was this very quiet – “That’s cool!”

Madison photo of Daddy on iPods 01
Madison photo of Daddy on iPods 01

What was even more astonishing, was the bird did not seem to care at all about what was going on around it.

Cars drove up and down the street, people open and close doors, and dogs barked, which did draw some attention, but not what you would expect for a bird on the ground.

As Madison and I continued to look at the hawk, out of the corner of our eyes, we saw my wife’s vehicle coming down the hill, and as the van approached, Madison ran to warn my wife to be quiet.

Immature Red-tailed Hawk 017
Immature Red-tailed Hawk 017

I took this opportunity, to run into the house and grab my camera!

When I returned, Amy and Madison were watching the hawk, and I started to take pictures.

Again I was amazed with the docileness of the creature as it stood there and feed.

As I took more pictures, I soon realized that Madison had returned with her iPod, and was taking pictures, and I was able to direct her into taking pictures of me, taking pictures of the bird, and I soon returned the favor!

Immature Red-tailed Hawk 083 - Head Detail
Immature Red-tailed Hawk 083 – Head Detail

At one point, I was on my stomach, and I had crawled within about 8 feet of the hawk, with my 70-300 mm lens, and was able to get some really nice portraits of our bird.

After a few more minutes, I suggested that we go inside, and allow our friend to eat in peace.

As we walked into the house, Madison asked, “Can we call him ‘Mr. Hawking’?”


10/6/2012 – With some help from local bird photographers, Mike Mill, and his father, Mike Blue Mill, helped to identify this beautiful creature as an immature Red-tailed Hawk. One of the reasons that we were able to get so close was because it is so young, and does not know to fear humans.

Additional Images

– Andrew
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Chester County Creeks Downingtown Flickr HDR Nature Photo Journal Photography Photostream

1,100 Views of my little creek

1,100 Views, 761 Comments, 42 Favs, 2 Galleries
1,100 Views, 761 Comments, 42 Favs, 2 Galleries

As I sit here, trying to heal from another cold, I have been Flickr-ing about, and in doing so, I have noticed that my simple little picture of the small little creek near my house, has reached 1,100 views!

I think back to that day, it was the day after the first snow of the new year, and at the time, I had know idea how this capture would be received.

It just seemed such a simple capture, and simple HDR processing.

• • • • •

Since I posted this pictures, it has received several Flickr group awards that I am very proud to have gotten, including the following:

Andromeda "50"
Andromeda "50"
Elite Club of Photography for Recreation
Elite Club of Photography for Recreation
Above and Beyond - 500+ Comments
Above and Beyond - 500+ Comments


Build Your Rainbow Group Member
Build Your Rainbow Group Member

This capture has also allowed me to connect with many more photographers on Flickr, and share our unique visions from around the world.

Dragon Dagger Awards
Dragon Dagger Awards
The Light Painters Society
The Light Painters Society
Chariots of Artists
Chariots of Artists


Needless to say, I want to thank again all those that took the time to click on my thumbnail, and paste an award!

– Andrew
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2010 Winter Solstice – Lunar Eclipse

Winter Solstice - Lunar Eclipse - Composit 01
Winter Solstice-Lunar Eclipse - Composit 01

It was a cold early morning with a steady wind blowing across the area, but the night sky was crisp and cloud free!

While waiting for the event to start, I was reading various Facebook posts from friends talking about how the clouds in their area where making in nearly impossible to see the moon.

I was also using “The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE)” software program to figure out a particular capture I had in my mind.

Finally, at about 1am, I packed up my car with my camera bag, tripod and extra clothing, and set off to my secret location.

Driving to my location was very easy, and I was surprised not to see many people out looking into the sky.

After getting to “my” location, and setting up, I realized, “my shoot” was not going to happen with the event occurring nearly straight over head.

Oh well, I was going to get some picture no matter what.

What really surprised me was how bright the moon was!

I did take a few early shoots from “my secret location”, but then packed up and headed back home because the wind was cutting right through me.

At home, I setup again, but used the garage to block some of the wind, and I was able to go inside to warm up a little between captures, and have a beer!

Initially, I was able to shoot at ISO100 at 1/15-1/80 in the ƒ8-11 range, but by the full eclipse, I had to push the CCD sensory speed up to ISO1600, and focusing was becoming very difficult.

By 3am, I packed up for the morning, and went inside.

I was too tired to download my images, and went to bed.

After a night to recover, I finally transferred my 150+ images my computer, and used Adobe Lightroom to sort though all of them.

Even with a tripod, I was able to notice, the wind moved the camera just enough to cause many rejects.

I ended up shooting a 50:1 ratio, which is not very good, but if I had been using traditional film, I would have gone broke with processing charges!

Yeah Digital!

I did spend some time looking on Flickr to see what others had captured before I created my final composite, and finally posted everything to my “2010 Winter Solstice – Lunar Eclipse” Flickr set.


NASA – “Eclipses During 2010

Flickr group – Lunar Eclipse December 21 2010

– Andrew
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Chester County Downingtown Nature Photo Journal Rivers

Nature Walk on Struble Trail

It was another warm summer Sunday, and the kids needed to get out of the house and get some exercise.

We got our water bottles together, and I filled the back packs with them.

The three of us got in the car, and headed for the Dowlin Forge Road entrance of the Struble Trail.

Once there, we parked and gathered ourselves, and the started our walk, heading North.

Near the middle of the big long curve (2.0 mile marker), there was an older couple, looking into the creek with great excitement.

As we got closer, they called us over to take a look at the big Snapping turtle near the edge of the creek.

When we got there, and looked down the ten foot embankment, one could easily see a Snapping turtle who’s shell was easily 15 inches or longer.

The kids looked with some quiet excitement, and we continued on.

We found our little creek trail, darted into the woods, and then quickly found the cold water.

It felt so good!

While the kids played at the water edge, I setup my tripod, and did these images.

Nature Walk hdr 04 (10 Aug 08)

Nature Walk hdr 04 (10 Aug 08)

Nature Walk hdr 06 (10 Aug 08)

Nature Walk hdr 06 (10 Aug 08)

As you can see, the water level is VERY LOW!

We began to walk up the creek, following the land, an area we have walked numerous time before.

When we got near the Fishing Area, I was able to capture this wonderful image.

Creek Claw - Struble Trail (Downingtown, PA)

Creek Claw – Struble Trail (Downingtown, PA)

I have walked on and around this tree many a times, but have never seen it like this!

So it goes without saying, we need some rain, and these pictures do show it!

Eventually, we got back on the wooded trail, and on to the paved section heading to the Parking Lot.

Dinner and Bed, soon to follow.

“Good Night Moon!”

– Andrew
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