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Cymatics by Nigel Stanford

This morning I was doing my daily social media check-in, and on one of my walls appeared a link to Fascinating: How Matter Reacts to Sound.

I got 41 seconds into the Link, and I had to jump to the YouTube link…

CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music – Nigel Stanford

I have been there pretty much ever since…

Cymatics is from Nigel Stanford’s new album, Solar Echoes, which is a Double Album download on iTunes and as mp3, wav files for only $9.95!

I have lost count of how many times I have listened to and watched this track!

It is mesmerizing!

The cinematographer,Timur Civan, captures nature “performing” to a mixture of well-crafted tones and beats similar to those found in Pink Floyd, Jean Michel Jarre, Rick Wakeman, Mike Oldfield, and Sky.

To my ear, it is very addicting and can induce some serious desk dancing.

What is also very cool is that Nigel Stanford, Shahir Daud (Director), Timur Civan, and gang have also posted six mini videos of how they created and filmed each of the classic science experiments performed in the video!

I can only imagine how much fun it would have been to take part in creating this video!

To say that they had way too much fun doing this video would be an understatement.

While listening to Cymatics, I started to explore the rest of his site, and found out why Nigel’s music and style seemed familiar to me!

TimeScapes by Tom Lowe

TimeScapes was released at the end of 2011 and was an instant hit because of it’s stunning cinematography, slow motion capture, and music!

If you have not seen it, check out the Official Website and watch the clip!

If you have any interest in nature or science, and like great music, both CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music and TimeScapes are well worth your time!

If you happen to be a science teacher, the “Behind the Scenes” video for CYMATICS: Science Vs. Music are very well done, and are simple overviews of some classic science experiments, and should easily invite good conversations in the classroom.

Needless to say I can’t wait to show my kids when they get home!

- Andrew
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The Extinction of the ‘Mentos Volcanoes’

Kiera Wilmot - Florida Teen Girl Charged With Felony After Science Experiment Goes Bad
Kiera Wilmot

Doing my morning reading, when this headline crossed my screen –

Florida Teen Girl Charged With Felony After Science Experiment Goes Bad

and I begin to read –

On 7 a.m. on Monday, the 16 year-old mixed some common household chemicals in a small 8 oz water bottle on the grounds of Bartow High School in Bartow, Florida.

The reaction caused a small explosion that caused the top to pop up and produced some smoke. No one was hurt and no damage was caused.-

and in further reading, it does suggest that the girl, Kiera Wilmont, did make some bad decisions, but at the same time: Where was the Teacher? Adviser? Adult?

What were the chemicals involved?

Common household chemicals“?

If the chemicals were that volatile, in a room full of people, where was the oversight?

Kiera was lead away in “handcuffs and expelled from school” for her little experiment, and should complete her diploma through the expulsion program while in juvenile detention.

Basically, her life has been ruined…

Back when I was in grade school science class, there was always ‘talk’ of someone doing the classic ‘baking soda & vinegar’ (acid-base reaction) with food coloring volcanoes…

with todays equivalent being a substitution of ‘mentos and diet coke’ (nucleation)…

But they were Banned from my school…

Not because they exploded, as everyone knew they would, but because they had been done too many times before, as in boring!

Explosions and Science are not new friends!

One does have to wonder what we are saying to kids if you have an accident in science class, you might go to jail.

Then there is the possibility, that the ‘mentos volcanoes’ will disappear from the classroom, altogether  and generations of future kids will no longer understand the fun as seen in the old movies.

Maybe, if we wish to be safe, maybe we can just do all science with thought experiments (Gedankenexperiment)!

Here is one I just came up with!

A company located in western Texas, stores several thousands of tons of unreported chemicals at their place of business, and it explodes, killing several people in the area.

Who goes to jail this time?

- Andrew
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[5/17/2013 15:35 – Added]

No… what… wait a second…

She imitated something she had seen on the internet, knowing it would explode…

On school grounds…

and she is getting a scholarship to Space camp?

[5/17/2013 15:34 – Added]

This is VERY, VERY Cool!

“Homer Hickam — the writer and former NASA engineer whose memoir is the basis of the movie October Sky — started a Crowdtilt campaign to send Wilmot and her twin sister Kayla to the Advanced Space Academy program at the U.S. Space Camp in Huntsville, Ala.”

If you have never seen “October Sky”, I highly recommend it!

[5/17/2013 10:34 – Added]
Good News and Bad News!

[5/1/2013 14:43 – Added]

I am into physics, and still like to watch things go boom!

Arresting her and being taken to jail… a little much…

Bring her into the Headmaster/Principals Office and having a LONG conversation with the Parents and Child… Priceless and would have caused allot less of an issue…

[5/1/2013 13:56 – Added] – “Florida teen charged with felony for trying science

Riptide – “Florida School Responds To Criticism For Expelling Student Over Science Project: “There Are Consequences To Actions”

[5/1/2013 12:56 – Added]

In continuing to read through the various comments, there appears to be another side coming out… Drano Bottle Bombs

[5/1/2013 12:32 – Added]
Bartow High School Principal – Ronald Pritchard
Address: 1270 S Broadway Ave Bartow, FL 33830
PHONE:(863)- 534-7400 Fax: (863)534-0077

Polk County Superintendent – Dr. John Stewart
Address: 1915 South Floral Avenue, Bartow, FL 33831
Phone: (863) 534-0521 Fax: (863) 519-8231

Polk Regional Juvenile Detention Ctr/Bartow police
ADDRESS: 2155 Bob Phillips Road, Bartow, FL 33830
TEL: 863-534-7090
FAX: 863-534-7024

Here is an interesting link to the “Polk Regional Juvenile Detention Ctr”
P.O.L.K “Protect Our Lost Kids” in Polk Co, Fl

Original Thread of ideas

Original G+ Conversation

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Red Streams Blue at UHES

Back in March, Madison brought home an announcement about the Brandywine Valley Association doing their “Red Stream Blue” program for the fourth-graders at her school, and they were looking for some parents to volunteer their time for the day.

If you have been following my photographic work at all, you’ll know that I have preference for running water, and I have been to a variety of places in Chester County, so this seemed like a fun opportunity to get to know the local environment a little bit more.

At 9 am on April 3rd, we gathered in the faculty lounge at Uwchlan Hills Elementary School for the morning training session.

We had a delightful instructor by the name of Connie Shapiro, who walked us through the eight stations that we would be presenting to the children later in the day.

During the program, parents and students are taught about the cycle of water as it falls from the sky, lands on our roofs, lawns, driveways and street, then is channeled into gutters or streams, and into the creeks, through water treatment plants in local townships, and finally into the Atlantic Ocean.

Connie cheerfully explained each stage of the water cycle, and answered questions as we prepared for the afternoon presentations.

After the initial morning training, we then got to choose which stations we wish to work at, and I selected Station 4 Macro-invertebrate Mayhem!

This was the station with all the bugs or should I say larvae, nymphs, snails and worms.

The good stuff!

After lunch, we set up the eight stations in the fourth grade pod, and fine tuned what we were going to say when the kids during our 10-12 minute presentations.

To say I was nervous was an understatement, and thankfully I was joined by Eileen Hazard from the Brandywine Valley Association (BVA), as she brought in another bucket full of critters she had collected on her way to the school!

Finally it was time to begin.

In the main meeting area, with all the teachers, students, volunteers and BVA folks, Connie started in, and captured the interest of a room full of fourth graders quickly. Robert Struble, Jr. gave a short little introduction to the program, just before Principle Giering was partially mummified to illustrate how much water our bodies contain.

At the conclusion, Eileen and I rushed back to our station, and made the final preparations.

I asked Eileen, if she could please demonstrate first, because I was not sure what to say in such a limited amount of time. Each group was with us for only about 10-12 min, and there was a fair amount of information to cover in during such a limited amount of time.

When it became my time to demonstrate, I was glad that I was sitting at a table. The table hid my rapidly twitching legs, as they moved up and down like pistons in a car.

I was surrounded by a group of fourth graders, and if you have not done this in a while, it can be very intimidating.

Thankfully I recognized a few faces, or in other cases they recognized me, which helped ease my nerves as I began to speak.

When the second group arrived, my daughter, Madison, came running up, and give me a big hug and kiss just before my demonstration. Some needed reassurance for me.

It was delightful to see the children so happy and inquisitive, and I was very surprised with the lack of screaming, as many of these kids were being introduced to these ugly critters for the first time!

During the two hours of the program, we did eight presentations, for nearly 100 children, as they rotated from one station to another.

There was a final group wrap-up meeting, and we broke for the day.

If you happen to have the time, and chance, I strongly recommend that you volunteer in this program.

There is no doubt that during the course of the day, you will learn something about the streams, creeks and rivers within the Brandywine Valley and how integral they are in our local environment.

You will also get to work with some wonderful parents, neighbors and BVA Staff, and if nothing else, you do get a chance to work with children, and maybe spark some sort of curiosity into science!

- Andrew
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