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12+ inches of overnight Snow!

Day After a Heavy Snow (041)
Day After a Heavy Snow (041)

Last night, we were suppose to only get 6″-8″ over night… at mid-night, when we looked on to the deck, there was easily another 12″ inches…

This morning, there was over 19″ total inches on our porch, 4″-5″ of which was from the storm late last in the week…

I know many people saying that they are ready for Spring already, this has been one of the snowiest December to January’s on record, and we have not even gotten to mid-season yet!

How we forget the two Blizzards in February, nearly back to back almost a year ago!

The schools were closed for a second day, and it easily took me an hour and a half to get all the snow off our driveway, and then finally, I was able to spend a few minutes with my camera out in the snow.

Wish I could have been more…

– Andrew
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20,000+ Image Views and 2,000 Photostream views!

I have been amazed at watching my Flickr logs explode!

In approximately 88 days, I have added over 10,000 Comments and Image Views, and topped the 2,000 View mark on my Photostream!

During this adventure, I have had MANY wonderful “e-conversations” with people from around the world!

And if you want to see some absolutely BEAUTIFUL images, check my Flickr Favorites!

Thank you to one and all of my Flickr Friends!

– Andrew
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First Snow Fall – Norwood Road Stream

Snow Thistle (023)
Snow Thistle (023)

The past two nights, we had our first snow falls of 2011.

It was nothing major, about 3″-4″, enough to give the ground a good covering, and then some.

I was not able to go out Friday, but after running Family errands all Saturday, I finally got some time at the end of the day!

Grabbing my gear, and knowing that I did not have much light left, I jumped in my car, and headed to the little stream area off of Norwood Road in Downingtown.

Having driven up and down this road thousands of times, I knew of a small little parking area, about mid-way down the road. After parking, I realized that it also seemed to be an entrance to an ancient access road.

Snow Stream hdr 08
Snow Stream hdr 08

Now I was ready to go! I through my camera bag and tripod over my shoulders, and headed slight back out the road, and into the woods.

Having never walked this area before, it was funny breaking new territory with the fresh snow, but finding trails was very difficult.

Eventually, I did find two sets of prints in the snow: boots and paws, and by the looks of the paw prints, that canine was having allot fun!

I had to cross the stream, back and forth several times, scouting and shooting with each adventure, and I was capturing everything in multi-exposure HDR.

It was getting colder by the minute, and I was not collapsing my tripod with each shoot, which on several occasions, also doubled as a nice balancing rod!

Snow Stream hdr 13
Snow Stream hdr 13

Slowly, I moved up stream, finding many wonderful shoots, and taking in the beauty of the moment.

After about an hour, the light was getting too low and so was the temperature.

I crawled back up to Norwood road, startling homeowner across the street, shoving their driveway, as I broke through the trees.

It took me a few more minutes to get back to the car, and another seemingly successful outing.

– Andrew
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May 31, 2011 – With the Winter memories slowly fading away, I finally got a chance to revisit Norwood Road Creek with my son, Logan, for an afternoon walk in the cold water!

Warren Zevon 1982 (Ithaca College)

Scanned from Original Ilford hp-5 Black and White negatives…

Of a Warren Zevon concert held at Ithaca College on October 2, 1982.

Andrew (SDC) - View my 'Waren Zevon 1982 (Ithaca College)' set on Flickriver

I had scanned these months ago, but during a recent Facebook exchange, I got a chance to Post these to Flickr.

If you are old enough to remember, awesome!

If not, to bad…

Hope you enjoy “Memory Lane”!

- Andrew
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2010 Winter Solstice – Lunar Eclipse

Winter Solstice - Lunar Eclipse - Composit 01
Winter Solstice-Lunar Eclipse - Composit 01

It was a cold early morning with a steady wind blowing across the area, but the night sky was crisp and cloud free!

While waiting for the event to start, I was reading various Facebook posts from friends talking about how the clouds in their area where making in nearly impossible to see the moon.

I was also using “The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE)” software program to figure out a particular capture I had in my mind.

Finally, at about 1am, I packed up my car with my camera bag, tripod and extra clothing, and set off to my secret location.

Driving to my location was very easy, and I was surprised not to see many people out looking into the sky.

After getting to “my” location, and setting up, I realized, “my shoot” was not going to happen with the event occurring nearly straight over head.

Oh well, I was going to get some picture no matter what.

What really surprised me was how bright the moon was!

I did take a few early shoots from “my secret location”, but then packed up and headed back home because the wind was cutting right through me.

At home, I setup again, but used the garage to block some of the wind, and I was able to go inside to warm up a little between captures, and have a beer!

Initially, I was able to shoot at ISO100 at 1/15-1/80 in the ƒ8-11 range, but by the full eclipse, I had to push the CCD sensory speed up to ISO1600, and focusing was becoming very difficult.

By 3am, I packed up for the morning, and went inside.

I was too tired to download my images, and went to bed.

After a night to recover, I finally transferred my 150+ images my computer, and used Adobe Lightroom to sort though all of them.

Even with a tripod, I was able to notice, the wind moved the camera just enough to cause many rejects.

I ended up shooting a 50:1 ratio, which is not very good, but if I had been using traditional film, I would have gone broke with processing charges!

Yeah Digital!

I did spend some time looking on Flickr to see what others had captured before I created my final composite, and finally posted everything to my “2010 Winter Solstice – Lunar Eclipse” Flickr set.


NASA – “Eclipses During 2010

Flickr group – Lunar Eclipse December 21 2010

– Andrew
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