12+ inches of overnight Snow!

Day After a Heavy Snow (041)
Day After a Heavy Snow (041)

Last night, we were suppose to only get 6″-8″ over night… at mid-night, when we looked on to the deck, there was easily another 12″ inches…

This morning, there was over 19″ total inches on our porch, 4″-5″ of which was from the storm late last in the week…

I know many people saying that they are ready for Spring already, this has been one of the snowiest December to January’s on record, and we have not even gotten to mid-season yet!

How we forget the two Blizzards in February, nearly back to back almost a year ago!

The schools were closed for a second day, and it easily took me an hour and a half to get all the snow off our driveway, and then finally, I was able to spend a few minutes with my camera out in the snow.

Wish I could have been more…

– Andrew
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