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2014 Christmas Parade

It is that time again! The annual Downingtown Christmas parade!

More images can also be found on my Flickr account – 2014 Downingtown Christmas Parade.

It was a little cold, but plenty of warm spirits!

- Andrew
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2012 Downingtown Christmas Parade

Some images taken during the 2012 Downingtown Good Neighbor Christmas Parade in Chester County PA.

The weather was overcast, but the temperatures were in the 50s and the start of the parade, not nearly as cold as last year.

Downingtown PA High School Band (East & West)
Downingtown PA High School Band (East & West)

Did not seem as there were as many people as there had been in the past, but that could have been because of the potential bad weather.

More images of this years parade can be found on my Flickr photostream.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

– Andrew
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2011 Downingtown Christmas Parade

Mr and Mrs Santa Claus
Mr and Mrs Santa Claus

Yesterday was the annual Downingtown Good Neighbor Christmas Parade, which was held on a beautiful Saturday with the temperatures in the mid to lower 40s.

This year was the first time in three years, that I did not have my kids with me.


Well, my daughter was actually in the parade this year with her Brownie troop for the first time! (My wife and son decided to walk along with them!)

This allowed me to wonder around the parade as it happen, offering many more opportunities to find and capture scenes as they happened.

This years parade seemed much bigger, and from what I understand, there were around 400+ Daisies, Brownies and Girl Scouts this year alone!

Needless to say, I took many pictures, and was up until 4am this morning processing those images which can be found on Flickr!

I hope you enjoy them, and would love to hear your thoughts and comments!

– Andrew
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Official DTown Christmas Parade pictures!

Earlier this morning, I got a delightful e-mail from a woman who works for the Downingtown Borough, and she was asking for permission to use some of my photos from the 2010 Christmas parade!

Needless to say, I was more than willing to help in this endeavor!

So within the next days and weeks, keep an eye out for my work, on the Downingtown Christmas Parade website, and an advertisement in “The Daily Local“!


– Andrew
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Christmas Day 2010

Santa on a practice run...
Santa on a practice run...

Been up since 6am…

There is interplanetary chaos going on…

Ben 10 vs. Star Wars vs. Little Ponies…

It is interesting to note that the “Little Ponies” are larger then the Star Wars “Chicken Walker” or “Battle Tank”…

Revenge of the Equine?

In the background, BBC America in having a “Dr. Who” marathon…

The joys of “Space” travel without leaving your seat!

Barbie just crushed a “Chicken Walker”…

I need more coffee w/Egg-Nog… Hey it works!

My Green Comment for the Day

Please remember to Recycle!

There is a TON of plastic that can be separated from cardboard…

On my way to get some sausage, I thought I crushed Clone Trooper helmet…
It was a grape…
From the Fruit basket from “Poppy”

I sit here at my laptop, with tabs of Facebook, Flickr, CNN and my blog, monitoring my world.

On FB, I am Reading, Like-ing and Posting as I watch my friends and family wake to their Christmas and “hear” their new discoveries.

It is amazing to witness photos of friends in Australia posted late Christmas Eve, are now being commented on as we awake the new day.

Yesterday, I was in a Facebook conversation with a group about the Apollo 8 “Earthrise” photo, and how taken back we were then, looking at that small blue marble in a black ocean of space.

We also talked about the Apollo 8 – Christmas Eve Broadcast that those astronauts read, and how perfect it was.

But today, 40 plus years later, the world is even smaller with computers and the internet.

Merry Christmas to all!

– Andrew
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