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Egg Rock Lighthouse – Bar Harbor

Image of Egg Rock Lighthouse in Bar Harbor, Maine USA.

Egg Rock Lighthouse 034
If you look carefully in the foreground, on the left, there is a gull, and on the right, there is a Bald Eagle.
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Sand Beach – Acadia NP

Here are a few images taken at Sand Beach on Mt Desert Island, Acadia National Park, Maine USA.

Looking South at the the rocks and ocean at Sand Beach
Looking South with the Western coastline.
Sand Beach in Acadia National Park 044
Looking South with the Eastern coastline.
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Cool Moth!

Madison and I Were on the deck checking out the garden, and as I passed our dessicated cactus, I noticed something interesting, and said “Cool!”

“What?” said Madison, as she moved to my side, looking where I was staring. Then she jumped behind me once she realized what she was looking at!

After a brief moment, she moved forward and said “That’s cool!”

Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 01
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 01
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 02
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 02
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 03
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 03
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 04
Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum)? 04

The two of us spent a few more seconds looking at the moth before I went and got my camera.

If you have any idea what type of moth this is, please let me know!

It has been suggested that this is a pug moth, but with a quick look, one can see that there are hundreds of pug moths.

Many thanks in advance,

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140516 15:36 – After joining BugGuide,net, I posted one of the pictures above, and within 15 mins, I was able to identify this critter as a Male Lettered Sphinx Moth (Deidamia inscriptum).

What do you think?

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Covered Bridges of the Oxford Area – the Book

I have been playing with the idea of publishing a photography book for some time, and after my experience with producing Madison’s 10th birthday gift, I decided to make a first real attempt.

So what was my first real book going to be about?

Looking back at my recent history, it only makes sense that I do something about covered bridges, and I already had the content from the presentation I did back in October 2012 for Citadel bank.

This time is going to be easier from the standpoint that I only had a limited number of pictures, and a layout with the text.

So after a couple of hours, I was able to put the following together using the simple Adobe Lightroom module, and uploading to

I invite you to take a look, and let me know what you think.

Covered Bridges of the Oxford Area

With this first book done, and I’m sure that I’ll revisit at some point, I am beginning to put together some ideas on themed books.

This time, using Blurb’s SmartBook application to put together my next adventure, namely because it seems to offer far more options and controls than what is available in the built-in Adobe Lightroom module.

In the meantime, let me know what you think of the book!

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Feeding in the Front Yard

My daughter and I, were just returning from dropping off my son a birthday party, and we were just getting out of the car and heading into the house.

As I was opening up the front door with my keys, I noticed out of the corner my eye something on the lawn, and a focused on the object.

I was startled to realize, that I was looking at an immature Red-tailed Hawk, standing in the middle my front yard, eating something.

Daddy photo of Madison on iPods 01
Daddy photo of Madison on iPods 01

I motioned to my daughter to get her attention, and then to be quiet, by putting my finger to my lips with one hand, and pointing to the direction of interest with my other hand.

Seconds later, there was this very quiet – “That’s cool!”

Madison photo of Daddy on iPods 01
Madison photo of Daddy on iPods 01

What was even more astonishing, was the bird did not seem to care at all about what was going on around it.

Cars drove up and down the street, people open and close doors, and dogs barked, which did draw some attention, but not what you would expect for a bird on the ground.

As Madison and I continued to look at the hawk, out of the corner of our eyes, we saw my wife’s vehicle coming down the hill, and as the van approached, Madison ran to warn my wife to be quiet.

Immature Red-tailed Hawk 017
Immature Red-tailed Hawk 017

I took this opportunity, to run into the house and grab my camera!

When I returned, Amy and Madison were watching the hawk, and I started to take pictures.

Again I was amazed with the docileness of the creature as it stood there and feed.

As I took more pictures, I soon realized that Madison had returned with her iPod, and was taking pictures, and I was able to direct her into taking pictures of me, taking pictures of the bird, and I soon returned the favor!

Immature Red-tailed Hawk 083 - Head Detail
Immature Red-tailed Hawk 083 – Head Detail

At one point, I was on my stomach, and I had crawled within about 8 feet of the hawk, with my 70-300 mm lens, and was able to get some really nice portraits of our bird.

After a few more minutes, I suggested that we go inside, and allow our friend to eat in peace.

As we walked into the house, Madison asked, “Can we call him ‘Mr. Hawking’?”


10/6/2012 – With some help from local bird photographers, Mike Mill, and his father, Mike Blue Mill, helped to identify this beautiful creature as an immature Red-tailed Hawk. One of the reasons that we were able to get so close was because it is so young, and does not know to fear humans.

Additional Images

– Andrew
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