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Warren Zevon – Hall of Fame?

Warren Zevon is up for the Hall of Fame! (Please Vote!)

I was contact by Timothy Paruszkiewicz a couple of weeks back, and he was thoughtful enough to reach out to ask if he could use some of my 1982 Ithaca College concert photos, and I was happy to say Yes!

Yesterday, I got a link to the video Tim produced –

and Yes, the Thumbnail for the video is my shoot!

Thanks again to Timothy Paruszkiewicz for asking and the video looks AWESOME!

If you are a Zevon fan, you will like this video!

and Yes, “his hair was perfect”!

I also realized while writing this Post, that I never said anything about another of my images appearing in the book “Accidentally Like a Martyr: The Tortured Art of Warren Zevon” by James Campion.

One of the most memorable conversations I had with James, was when he said to me, “You now have an image in the Library of Congress.”

Never in my wildest dreams did I think back in 1982, that taking a few pictures at an on campus concert would end up any where else then the school newspaper, and that my hoarding those B&W negatives would ever go anywhere.

Needless to say, keep your film images safe!

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