Intelligent Lazy (IL)

I was in a meeting today, describing a philosophy that I learned years ago and pass along to my co-workers.

The idea of “Intelligent Lazy”.

One of the meeting members, suggested that I “copyright” the term, so goes, and I know there are many more steps, but…

Personal example –

I work in Information Technology, and I have to create scripts to get certain jobs and tasks done.

First round of the script, I just get the Job Done.

I leave Comments/Notes in the script(s) for the future – skills included.

If I get the chance, I sit on it for a while and revisit.

Always tweaking with each visit. [Pro-Tip – Date Your Notes!]

The Hope is, that some time in the future, all you have to do, is open the script, change the fewest “things”/variables to get the Job Done!

Intelligent – Creating the script and tweaking…

Lazy – Fewest changes needed later

Intelligent + Lazy = Intelligent Lazy

At the time of the posting, the is no direct Google search term for “Intelligent Lazy”, but several links to Lazy folks being Intelligent.

Kinda the same, and in the same spirit.

Which sounds better?

“They are Lazy, but Intelligent.”?
“They are Intelligent Lazy.”?

and if this does happen to be a new lexicon, should it be –

“Intelligent Lazy” (c)
“Intelligent-Lazy” (c)
“IntelligentLazy” (c)
“iLazy” (c)

What are your thoughts?

By Andrew

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