Tired of Facebook Game Requests?

I can understand why some folks use Facebook to play Games, and I was once addicted to Farmville, which I was finally able to break free from!

But there are those, that keep sending me requests, and I do not want to hurt their feelings, but I just can not play Facebook Games any more!

Recently, while I was only my Facebook Wall, and I saw a friend requesting help in getting rid of game requests, and this is what I sent him:

  • Not for ALL, but after “Killing” a few, MOST to go away with time
  • From your Wall\Home
  • Go DOWN the LEFT side menu to Apps > App Center area
  • In App Center, go DOWN to Requests (Left Side menu)
  • Select a Request
  • Click “X” in the Upper Right corner
  • The sub-menu will give you 2 Choices

Again, this is not for all App Request, but after some time, it will block most requests.

Hope this Helps and Good luck!

- Andrew
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