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Abandoned Mill – Part 2

I was in the area, and with this most likely the last snow of the season, I decided to visit the mill.

The last time I had been here, was last summer, and I wondered what had changed.

One of the areas I wanted to find this time, was the “Orange Room”, which I thought I saw on the last visit, but ran out of time to investigate.

As I walked further into the building, I could hear the wind blowing outside, and water dripping from the holes in the roof.

What was very startling, was how close the cars on the road sounded. There where several times, I thought they were driving in the building!

The occasionally, one of the side doors would slam a direction, and scare the hell out of you!

All in all, it was a good trip!

Thanks for looking!

- Andrew
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Abandoned Paper Mill

I finally got a chance to investigate this abandoned paper mill, which I have been eyeing for some time.

Also, kinda of got pushed into it, but that is another story…

This is also my first exploration into Urban Exploration (Urbex) photography.

If you know of more places, please let me know!

- Andrew
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