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Studio Play (Brother and Sister)

It has been a while, but once again, I have calmed my photography studio space back again!

I lose the “studio” every couple of months, to some family life event…

Which is good, in the sense, because I have to clean-up and set-up, which forces me to be more efficient.

In theory…

Anyhow, after a morning doing another set-up, and a half-day of school for the kids, I had them sit in front of my camera, to take some pictures.

Can you tell they have been in front of the camera before?

and the sugary snacks helped a little!

Now off to Girl Scouts!

- Andrew
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Making Photo Connections – 1985

In checking my Flickr account this morning, there was a Message from Adam Currell, identifying a women in a photograph I took in 1985, with an image that he had done around the same time!

Pam by Andrew Seymour (circa 1985)
Pam 1985 by Andrew Seymour
Pam by Adam Currell (circa 1985)
Pam 1985 by Adam Currell

Now what do you think the chances of that happening!


– Andrew
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College Graduation Picture (circa 1920s)

This was an image of a mother of two boys.

The younger brother contacted me, and asked me to restore this original studio photography of this mother, from the 1920s.

It was to be a 75th Birthday present for his older brother.

Formal Studio College Graduation Picture (circa 1920s)
Formal Studio College Graduation Picture (circa 1920s)

After correcting all the scratches, I added a sepia tint to the background.

If you are interesting in getting your own photos restored, please feel free to contact me for a free consultation and quote.

- Andrew
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