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PhotoShare-MakeOver Projects Announced!

During several e-conversation with John Griggs, we came up with the idea of the “PhotoShare-MakeOver” Project(s) for the CCPP (“Chester County (PA) Photography“) group!

The concept is simple.

  • A common file is made available to everyone interested;
  • People download the file;
  • People “play” with the file in their UNIQUE way;
  • Repost to Group;

From there, hopefully, open and honest comments can be made.

Hopefully Everyone is going to have fun and learn something!

– Andrew
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2010 Winter Solstice – Lunar Eclipse

Winter Solstice - Lunar Eclipse - Composit 01
Winter Solstice-Lunar Eclipse - Composit 01

It was a cold early morning with a steady wind blowing across the area, but the night sky was crisp and cloud free!

While waiting for the event to start, I was reading various Facebook posts from friends talking about how the clouds in their area where making in nearly impossible to see the moon.

I was also using “The Photographer’s Ephemeris (TPE)” software program to figure out a particular capture I had in my mind.

Finally, at about 1am, I packed up my car with my camera bag, tripod and extra clothing, and set off to my secret location.

Driving to my location was very easy, and I was surprised not to see many people out looking into the sky.

After getting to “my” location, and setting up, I realized, “my shoot” was not going to happen with the event occurring nearly straight over head.

Oh well, I was going to get some picture no matter what.

What really surprised me was how bright the moon was!

I did take a few early shoots from “my secret location”, but then packed up and headed back home because the wind was cutting right through me.

At home, I setup again, but used the garage to block some of the wind, and I was able to go inside to warm up a little between captures, and have a beer!

Initially, I was able to shoot at ISO100 at 1/15-1/80 in the ƒ8-11 range, but by the full eclipse, I had to push the CCD sensory speed up to ISO1600, and focusing was becoming very difficult.

By 3am, I packed up for the morning, and went inside.

I was too tired to download my images, and went to bed.

After a night to recover, I finally transferred my 150+ images my computer, and used Adobe Lightroom to sort though all of them.

Even with a tripod, I was able to notice, the wind moved the camera just enough to cause many rejects.

I ended up shooting a 50:1 ratio, which is not very good, but if I had been using traditional film, I would have gone broke with processing charges!

Yeah Digital!

I did spend some time looking on Flickr to see what others had captured before I created my final composite, and finally posted everything to my “2010 Winter Solstice – Lunar Eclipse” Flickr set.


NASA – “Eclipses During 2010

Flickr group – Lunar Eclipse December 21 2010

– Andrew
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Open the Covered Bridges Project Website!

After much planning, and some recoding, I have finally started this Website Area, that is dedicated to Covered Bridges!


Since this original post, I have switched my nomenclature, in an effort to accommodate the visitors…

Am I correct?

I have no clue…

If you have a better answer to presenting the data and images, PLEASE let me know!

Smiles and happiness,

– Andrew
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