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Monday Afternoon Drive at Springton Manor Farm

Springton Manor Farm
Springton Manor Farm

It was Monday afternoon, and after doing our morning errands, my daughter, Madison and I were in the Glenmoore area of Chester County, and we decide to take a relaxing drive through Springton Manor Farm.

We got to the farm without issue, and proceeded do drive around for a little bit, and finally ended up at the Butterfly House, where the grass parking area was empty, except for a ranger’s truck.

After parking, we walked down the small incline, and got to the Butterfly House just as a tour was beginning.

Since we did not have reservations, we did not join them, but we did comment to one another, that we needed to return with the rest of the family, or with friends, and on a cooler day.

We walked around the exterior of the Butterfly House, and read the various stages of a Butterfly’s Life, and then headed back to the car.

Back out at the main road, we turned and continued further down the road, till we reached the yellow gate posts, and turned around, eventually finding our way to the demonstration farm.

After parking, we quickly surveyed the farm, and made note of the hours, pricing and the reservation policy for the guided tour.

Even though we did not take full advantage of our visit, we did do enough scouting to see that we do want to return at another time, especially when it is cooler.

During the Fall, when the leaves are in full color, Springton Manor will be a great place for a Nature walk with the kids!

If you do wish to take the tours, they are $2.00 per tour/per head, so a family of four would be $16.00.

and don’t forget to bring a blanket and a picnic lunch!

– Andrew
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