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Grandparents in Haiti – Late 1930s

Back in late June, I got a call from Dr Yardlie Toussaint-Foster wondering if I would be interested in retouching some images of her grandparents taken during the late 1935-1939 time frame in Haiti.

Of the 4 images that I worked on, this was my favorite!

Grandfather Haiti 1930s
Images of Grandfather, somewhere in Haiti during the later 1930s.

This took me 4-5 hours, and what you do not see, is the hexagon texture within the paper!

Detail of the paper surface.
Detail of the paper surface.

Which posed a little problem, but scanning at a high dpi, 1200 dpi, in this case, really helped.

It’s a classic picture that just seems to say a great deal about the person and the times!

Thank you Dr. Foster for allowing me to work on these images!

What do you think?

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