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Two Futures – Butterfly larvae

Swallowtail Butterfly larvae
Swallowtail Butterfly larvae

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Rodin - "The Thinker"
Rodin – “The Thinker”

Updates – Sometime it nice to NOT be alone! – “Frames failing to load add a bogus history entry

Back in early August, I ordered a new computer for myself, and like any personal item, it takes some time to figure out all the new nuances…

When I first started using Loong, everything was so new, that when I ran into a minor issue, I took a quick look, and moved on to the bigger on configuration issues.

One of the really cool things about the ASUS installation disk, is that it comes with Google Chrome as an option when installing the various motherboard drivers, and being a long time user, this was great!

I was able to complete my base OS install without having to launch IE once!

Fast forward a couple of days…

With the basics of installation over and done with, and really beginning to use the computer in a ‘normal’ fashion, I noticed that one day, when I tried to check my account for a new book, I was unable to do ANYTHING once I got to the site.

I could see an image of the website, and I could refresh the site and images changed, but no matter where I clicked, nothing would happen, even in the bare-bones links in the footer!

This had never happened to me in my 32-bit environment, running the same software configuration, and why on only one website?

Immediately, added to the Cookie Exceptions in Chrome, and still nothing…

This is very strange…

Okay, time to read the Forums, but wait, I can’t get in via Chrome…

Thankfully, I got in without issue with Firefox, and started to poke around to see if anyone else had a similar issue… Nothing…

I Google-d the internet, still nothing…

Oh well… on to the next thing, I had a workaround.

Fast forward some more, a new school year has started, and I have new credits in my Audible account. Time for a new book.

I’m already in Chrome, and after I type in the address, I am reminded of the issue from a couple of weeks ago, that I had fluffed off because I had already found a workaround.

More searching… Nothing…

I finally typed up an email report, and sent it to the Audible Help Desk.

I received a standard “Thank you for your report” email, followed by another note suggesting that I do a un-install and re-install of Chrome.

Yeah, but… all this for one site?

Earlier, during my morning constitutional, it occurred to me to take a look at my AdBlock Plus settings, and once I white-listed, I was in!

Yeah! – I’m a happy camper now!

Needless to say, this is very strange…

What is so different between a 32 vs 64 bit environment to cause only one site to behave this way?

What are your thoughts on this?

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Tech Talk


  • Windows 7 (64-bit)
  • Chrome 29.0.1547.66 m (at the time of this post)
  • Adblock Plus 1.5.5

I never had to add Exceptions or White-list a site in my 32-bit environment.


I LOVE the power of the internet!! – Thanks Friends!