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VisitPA – Friday Foto and Madison’s 7th Birthday!

Abiah Taylor Barn (1724) - VisitPA’s “Friday Foto”
Abiah Taylor Barn (1724) VisitPA’s “Friday Foto”

WOW! What a morning of activity!

My alarm clock did not go off…

No need, instead, all one could hear in the house was the screaming giggles of joy!

“It’s my Birthday! It’s my Birthday!”

Madison is now 7, and I think the whole township is aware!

After getting the kids off to school and daycare, I could start my day by checking in with the world.

As I checked Facebook, I too got my own present!

My “Abiah Taylor Barn (1724)” image that I had taken on Tuesday (12/14) had been selected as this week’s VisitPA’s “Friday Foto“!

This is my second “Friday Foto“, with my first one back in September, and once again, I am deeply honored for the recognition!

What was really humbling, was reading some of the comments…

A couple of people posted say that the images reminded them of the work of Andrew Wyeth.

I have a LONG way to go, if ever, to reach that caliber of mastery.

But I do wish to Thank again for their selection!


Happy 7th Birthday Madison! — We Love you very much!

– Andrew
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Lord Stirling’s Quarters Barn

I noticed this barn on Yellow Springs Road as I drove into Valley Forge National Park, and I almost stopped, but decided to investigate it later.

After driving around the park, up to the Arch and back down to Knox-Valley Forge Covered Bridge, I decided to head home.

As I drove back out on Yellow Springs Road, I had to stop and get some images because the clouds were just adding to much energy not to be captured!

I parked on the road side, grabbed my gear, and headed back to the barn, and was able to quickly capture these two images:

Lord Stirling's Barn hdr 19
Lord Stirling's Barn hdr 19
Lord Stirling's Barn hdr 23
Lord Stirling's Barn hdr 23

I am very happy to say, I did little post processing on these images, namely because, I did NOT have to!

I was also lucky enough to have the sun pop out at just the right time for these images. If you could see the frames just seconds before…

These images were captured as a series of HDR images, but I was able to single out the best “key” image with the clouds in mind using Photoshop CS5 HDR Pro. (One of my favorite new features!)

– Andrew
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