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Converted 1994 Asia Travel Journal – DONE!

I have FINALLY converted an ancient Dreamweaver coded Travel Journal to WordPress!

Travel Journal to Asia in 1994

It was good to clean up some of the code, and get “it” back to a base standard in html!

Part of the joys over jumping various web platforms over the years…

In re-linking the various jpeg image files, I realize that I do need to go back and re-scan some of the old slides!

So if you are interested, please take a look and let me know what you think!

– Andrew
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Tiananmen Square and The Great Wall

Note – All images are scanned from slide film.

Tiananmen Square

  • Tiananmem Square Overview
  • Monument to the People’s Heros
  • Museum of Chinese Revolution & History
  • Working People’s Cultural Palace
  • Great Hall of the People

13th Ming Emperor’s Tombs

  • Map of the Tombs
  • Walking up to the tombs
  • Walking up to the tombs 2

It is very hard to show pictures of the Tomb because they are all underground.

At the entrance, you walk down about 100 feet of stairs, and then opens up into a series of large vaults.

In these vaults are the various items buried with the Emperor.

Back above ground, one is treated with a great view of the surrounding country side.

  • Looking Out
  • Looking Out – Detail 1
  • Looking Out – Detail 2

Lunch in a ‘tourist trap’

Lunch in the upstairs portion of the building.

A tour bus of Chinese tourists came in toward the end of the meal.

Shopping around the International Store.

The Great Wall of China

The drive north-west of Beijing/Peking

There is some beautiful mountains that you drive through to get to the wall. I just kept looking out the window in the amazement of nature.

I was also amazed to see portions of the wall traversing the tops of the mountains. Here was this extremely rugged terrain, and on top of it all, this stone wall!!

Simply put, AMAZING!!

Robert did have a problem with the tickets because of his nationality.

Merchants selling picture books, buttons, and table cloths all along the wall!!

The higher I walked, the more and more I was amazed.

The Wall just stretches as far as the eye can see.

  • Great Wall Tower
  • The Great Wall 01
  • The Great Wall 02
  • Walking up some stairs
  • The Great Wall 03
  • The Great Wall 04
  • The Great Wall 05
  • The Great Wall 06

Drive back to Beijing

I saw a small fire in the under brush that no one seemed to care about. I did not see anyone tending the flames!!

Formal Dinner

Dad was the host for this meal

– Andrew
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Start of the Adventure

10:00 - UA Flt#195 - Philadelphia->Chicago/Ohare (2B)
12:30 - UA Flt#881 - Chicago/Ohare->Tokyo/Narita (3A)

Once again, I managed to sleep through my alarm!

Holly woke me up with her phone call.

We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare.

I checked in and went to the First Class lounge, were I had two cups of Cappuccino and then called Brian with a final check in.

On the plan from Phily to Chicago, I noticed a very tall black man moving through the First Class cabin.

As he took off his long leather jacket, first I noticed that the jacket was as tall as I was! I also realized that it was Julius Erving!! a.k.a. “Dr. J”!!

The flight for the most part was uneventful. The gentleman next to me, did have a death grip on his seat during some of the turbulence.

In Chicago, Dad was waiting for me at the gate, and then we headed to the First Class lounge. We did wait and see “Dr. J”.

Finally, we got on the plan for Tokyo and we settled in. Your personal area was huge! One could fit another seat in front of you.

The first meal that was served seemed to me endless. Caviar, smoked salmon, crackers, cheese, fruit, etc.

For my main meal, I got the Japanese meal which actually turned out to be quite large, and had some beef! After that, there was another round of cheese & fruit, then the desert, which I did not partake in.

The two movies shown were “Speed” and “The Shadow”. I had already seen “Speed” on my trip to LA last week.

I was never able to sleep during the plane trip. I tried on several occasions, but I would sleep for 5-10 minutes and then wake up!

I do remember flying over parts of Alaska. The endless ranges of snow covered mountains. So isolated. Nothing in sight. Just snow and mountains.

– Andrew
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