The Holt 45 band on stage during the 3rd Annual Fire and Wine Festival at Black Walnut Winery.

Holt 45 & Echo – BWW – Fire & Wine Festival

One thing that this required at a Fire and Wine Festival, is music!

And Black Walnut Winery provides that, once again, with three bands this year: Echo, Grace and Holt 45!

Echo and Holt 45 were at last years festival, and one again rocked the crowd this year!

Echo Band – Kellina Holt, Rick Snow, Rob Holt, Craig Rothe

Bolt 45 – Chris Holt, Rob Holt, John Holt, Craig Rothe

Now for a few close-ups of these folks in action!

Chris Holt (Holt 45 – Guitar/Vocals)

Craig Rothe (Holt 45/Echo – Bass Guitar/Vocals)

John Holt (Holt 45 – Guitar/Vocals)

Kellina Holt (Echo – Vocals)

Rob Holt (Holt 45/Echo – Drums/Vocals)

Both Bands play regularly in the Chester County area, so if you get a chance, stop by and give them a listen!

- Andrew
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