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November Cover for CLM

I’m happy to announce that the wonderful folks over at County Lines Magazine have chosen another one of my images for their November cover!!

Nov 2014 Cover - County Lines Magazine
Nov 2014 Cover – County Lines Magazine

This image was taken nearly 3 years ago, on October 21, 2011,  while walking the hills behind Shamona Creek Elementary School in Downingtown, within a few feet of 40°3’27” N 75°42’7″ W.

As you can see, there once stood a corn field, but as the fall season approaches, the migrating geese fly to a nice place to eat and rest for the night.

This view does NOT exist anymore.

Since then, the new Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center has been built, and my daughter, Madison, is one of the first students in the new building!

Again, many thanks to the wonder folks over at County Lines Magazine!

- Andrew
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