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Lens Hoods

One of my biggest gripes, when it comes to Canon cameras, is that they charge you extra for lens hoods, which are incredibly marked up in price.

What really set me off recently, was when I replaced my 70-300mm USM IS  with a 75-300mm III.  I thought the lens hoods and filters would be the same.

I was only half right. My filters are fine, but it appears I have to buy a completely new lens hood for my new lens instead of being able to use the old one.

To be technical, the 70-300mm IS USM requires a ET-65B lens hood, which can be purchased through Canon at $55.00 USD.

Canon ET-65B Lens Hood
Canon ET-65B Lens Hood

On the other hand, my new 70-300mm III requires a ET-60 lens hood, which is a little cheaper at $29.00 USD.

Canon ET-60 Lens Hood
Canon ET-60 Lens Hood

Now I am no expert, but there does appear to be a slight difference in the tapering of the hood, but $26.00 worth?

It just seems a little bit extreme not to have a tad bit more compatibility during engineering. I still do not understand how these black cylinders of plastic cost so much and are not included with the purchase of a lens worth several hundred dollars.

Needless to say, I’m off to Amazon to purchase a Fotodiox ET-60 lens hood for $6.95 USD, and with the money I saved, I can start thinking about another lens and hood!

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