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Creek Road in Glenmoore during the Fall

Brandywine Creek HDR 11a - Glenmoore
Brandywine Creek HDR 11a – Glenmoore

Because of some scheduling conflicts, I was able to spend the afternoon doing some photography along Creek Road in southern Glenmoore, Chester County PA.

The parking lot was the same one I used during my summer venture, when the heat was 101°F, and I thought I was going to pass out, but I managed to survive, and even post a few pictures along with my blog entry of said adventure.

Brandywine Creek HDR 10a - Glenmoore
Brandywine Creek HDR 10a – Glenmoore

Initially, I went to the right (south) as I did in the summer, but this time my intent was to go further down creek, beyond the picnic bench that I had seen during the summer.

This time, the bench was still there, and I quickly walked past, and to unknown territory.

As I walked along the trail, the water began to descend to my left, as the path continued horizontal.

There was a thick brush line that separated the dissent to the creek, which was going to be all that harder.

I must find a path down.

It was good to see, that this trail had been used heavily before, but in a fairly limited fashion recently. There were several fallen trees, and the low to mid weeds and brush, were an easy brush back as I walked along.

I also noted, that from the trail at least, things seemed still very green on certain trees in the area. There were patches of colors but tended to be in the brush group of foliage.

Brandywine Creek HDR 09 - Glenmoore
Brandywine Creek HDR 09 – Glenmoore

Across the creek, I could see more interesting colors, but as I reached the water’s edge, I could see signs that said quote “Do Not Trespass”.

As I surveyed the creek in front of me and how things were flowing, I started back up-stream, taking the occasional single image as just a keepsake of my adventure, and eventually I was walking pass the picnic table, and to the trail head from which I started.

I decided to head further North up the trail, and see what I could find.

The trail eventually opens up into a small little field where there are several other picnic tables and a fire pit or two.

In this area the creek slows down just enough that I saw some good reflections and I was beginning to see some color.

I continued walking north along the creek’s edge, stopping several times and capturing five exposure HDR images.

Brandywine Creek HDR 06 - Glenmoore
Brandywine Creek HDR 06 – Glenmoore

Several times I found myself knee-deep in water, and I was reminded that the colder months are coming, and I need to seriously investigate some fishing waders.

Finally I got to the northernmost point along the trail, and was faced with more “No Trespassing” signs, at which point, I looked at my watch, and started heading back.

It has been a very mediocre year for leaf colors in my opinion. A lot of rain and warm temperatures have definitely not helped. The lowest temperature lately has been 45°F.

I do have a feeling that were going to get a lot of snow this year…

– Andrew
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