The Warm Brandywine Creeks… It is HOT!

Looking Down Brandywine Creek - Glenmoore
Looking Down Brandywine Creek – Glenmoore

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After packing up, and driving further West along Creek road in Glenmoore, I found my next little parking cove, and pulled in.

The breeze from the drive helped, but it too was warm.

From the rear of my car, I gathered my gear, and started to walk back down the road, to find a path down to the creek.

After a 100 feet or so, I climbed over the guard rail, down a small embankment, and stopped at the water’s edge to view my options.

From where I was standing, it was a near perfect 90 degree bend in the creek, so I waded into the warm water and headed up.

As I walked through the shallow water, I could easily see the creek bed rocks.

I continued to walk further and further, until I finally reached a series of trees that had fallen over the creek, resting on the banks.

In my heart, I wanted to continue. I could see deep shade on the other side, but it was too hot to be climbing over any trees today.

Trail Head - West Glenmoore 01 HDR
Trail Head – West Glenmoore 01 HDR

Heading back down the creek, to near where I started, I exited the water and entered into the woods, seeing a potential short-cut to get further down the creek.

As I walked in through the woods, I kept my eye on the creek, looking for my next shot.

I finally found an interesting area, and setup. I took several captures before taking the one at the top of the page, and it was the sun penetrating the water, revealing the details of the creek bed that I wanted to emphasis.

After a few more clicks on the camera shutter, I looked at my watch, and started back to the car.

There was one last place I wanted to try before  calling it a day.

At the car, I put my gear in the back, jumped in and headed further west to the spot that I had stopped and visited the night before.

This time, there was an actual parking lot!

Once again, I gather my gear, and headed to the creek.

As you can see from the first two pictures, this area of Chester County is dry, and the water levels are down several inches.

During my visit the night before, I had taken note of the much large rocks in the creek, and I had been looking forward to doing some exploring with my camera.

Water Cooled at 101° F
Water Cooled at 101° F

With the bigger rocks, it was also fun to bounce from rock to rock, trying to find scenes to photograph.

I was also very apparent how low the water table was by looking at the levels on the larger rocks. In the “Trail Head” image, you can see several lines on the rocks.

I setup and took a number of another shots, including this close-up detail of the top region of a small waterfall, “Water Cooled at 101° F”.

Looking around some more, I made a metal notes on areas I wanted to return to in the cooler Fall days when the tree are in full color.

Once again, I looked at my watch, and started back to the car.

It was also nice to consider that there was a pool at my next stop!

I was very ready to for this!

– Andrew


  • All Images were bracket multi-exposure captures into Canon CR2 RAW format
  • Images were then converted to Adobe Digital Negatives (DNG)
  • HDR Post Processing was done with Adobe Photoshop CS5
  • Web images (jpg) were created with Adobe Lightroom 3.4.1
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