Brownie’s Halloween Hay Ride

Today was the Brownie Hay Ride at Yeager’s Farm Market on Route 113 North, just south of Phoenixville.

As soon as Madison got off the bus at 3:30pm, she was asking if it was time to go yet.

I tried my best to make her understand, that she still needed to wait for another two hours!

Yeager's Farm Market 069
Yeager's Farm Market 069

She wasn’t buying it.

We did leave a little early, and were one of the first to arrive.

By 6pm, it seemed that everyone had arrived.

About 45 five to seven year old girls, 20 women parents, and myself. Talk about feeling like the odd “man” out…

Eventually, the group was herded on to a large Hay carrier, and toured the farm in country luxury.

All the girls were having a blast, which was easy enough to tell with all the screaming! (At one point, I did hear one of the mother’s say she wished she had brought aspirin because of the noise level!)

During the tour, I did manage to take a bunch of pictures, and those images will be posted on another site for all the Brownies and Parents to see.

Included here, are a few of the other images that I captured…

I was very lucky to get this capture. It was taken while standing up, as the tractor pulled the trailer over the dirt roads, as the sun faded.

Thankfully, I did capture it in raw/cr2, and was able to use Photoshop to bring out some of the lost details.

As time permits, I do plan on posting some more.

Thanks for stopping bye!

– Andrew
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