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Pine Grove Covered Bridge (1864)

Pine Grove Covered Bridge (1864)

Oxford, Chester County [38-15-22]

After more time driving, I saw this LONG bridge!!

Long View Pine Grove Covered Bridge (1864)
Long View Pine Grove Covered Bridge (1864)

There was also a waterfall that had geese swimming around, and I had sure that Daddy took a picture for Mommy!

Pump House & Pine Grove Covered Bridge (1864)
Pump House & Pine Grove Covered Bridge (1864)

He also found a way to get under the bridge to take this picture:

Looking Underneath Pine Grove Covered Bridge (1864)
Looking Underneath Pine Grove Covered Bridge (1864)

He is CRAZY!

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10/18/2012 – Notes from a talk given at the Citadel Credit Union about the Covered Bridges of the Oxford area.

After my presentation, I met many folks and one of those folks was Randy Teel of RNJ Plaques & Engravings, who had a story about Pine Grove bridge from 1973.

He told me, that he and a friend were driving home, and as they approached the bridge, they noticed some flames inside the bridge, and as they got closer, it was burning oil rags.

Because there were no cell phones, they had no way to quickly contact any additional help, but were able to use the available 10 gal “Indian” water tanks to put out the fire, then driving on to find a phone to report the incident to the police.

Randy and his friend, continued to drive home, and found another small fire on  Bell Bank Bridge, and were able to put this fire out, but decided not to report it, because it might not look very good.

– Andrew

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