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Rapps Covered Bridge (1866)

Rapps Covered Bridge (1866)

Phoenixville, Chester County [38-15-14]

Quick History

  • National Register of Historic Places
  • Built by Benjamin F. Hastman in 1866
  • Named for George Rapp, who ran the Snyder’s Mill in East Pikeland
  • Reconstructed in 1978 and 2011

Here again was an instance, where I had been over this bridge, many a times, while visiting a friend in that area and near gave it much thought.

I parked in the little lot to the right of the bridge, as you’re heading away from Phoenixville, and noticed a family of four, playing along the creek, enjoying the wonderful summer day.

Rapps Bridge (Main Sign) 065
Rapps Bridge (Main Sign) 065

Note – I did use Photoshop to make this read a little bit better…

From the Parking lot, I crossed the street, and setup to for this traditional long side shoot of the bridge.

Rapps Covered Bridge (Exterior Long View) 016
Rapps Covered Bridge (Exterior Long View) 016

Moving a little closer to capture some more detail of the construction.

The flow of the river has cut out the roots of a tree on the other side of the bridge, which can just be seen in this picture.

Rapps Covered Bridge (Side Detail) 028
Rapps Covered Bridge (Side Detail) 028

Then I walked under the bridge, and was captured by this view…

Rapps Covered Bridge (Underneath) HDR 043
Rapps Covered Bridge (Underneath) HDR 043

This was my first shoot taken under a covered bridge, and I have been doing them ever since!

- Andrew
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July 27th 2012 – Got a chance to revisit Rapps Damn Covered Bridge after the 2011 Reconstruction.

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