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Larkin’s Covered Bridge (1854)

Larkin’s Covered Bridge (1854)

Eagle, Chester County [38-15-11]

I stopped at the nearby Target to pickup some quick supplies, and then jumped in the car, and started up the GPS.

A day or two earlier, I had spent some time on Google Maps and my Reference sites, entering in GPS coordinates.

After everything was up and running, I looked up the nearest bridge, and Larkin’s was the first on the list.

As I headed North on Route 100 from the Route 113 intersection (Uwchlan Ave), without issue, but as I followed the GPS, I quickly found that the map on the GPS, was not up to date, and I first ended up doing a circle.

On the second try, I looked at the roads, and used the GPS as a guide, and finally made it to the bridge.

I pulled over as close to the bridge as possible, and grabbed my gear.

I free-handed this shot…

Larkin's Covered Bridge (Information plaque) 001
Larkin’s Covered Bridge (Information plaque) 001

Larkin’s does not have car or truck access, and can only be crossed via foot or bicycle, which made it all the more easy to photograph.

So I broke out the tripod, and was easily able to capture this…

Larkin's Covered Bridge (Interior View) 01
Larkin’s Covered Bridge (Interior View) 01

From here, I stepped back some, and got this long view…

Larkin's Covered Bridge (Long Exterior View) 018
Larkin’s Covered Bridge (Long Exterior View) 018

I moved to the other side of the bridge, to where the cat o’ nine tails are growing, looked back and captured this…

Larkin's Covered Bridge (cat o' nine tails) 060
Larkin’s Covered Bridge (cat o’ nine tails) 060

Moving back to my car, I decided to go again go underneath the bridge…

Larkin's Covered Bridge (Underneath) 084
Larkin’s Covered Bridge (Underneath) 084

in this image, notice the detail of the bird’s nest.

Larkin's Covered Bridge (Bird Nest Detail) 098
Larkin’s Covered Bridge (Bird Nest Detail) 098

I finished up, and got to my car, packed up, and headed on.

- Andrew
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