Setup WHS on VMWare Server (2.0.1 b 156745)

The setup of this VM is actually very easy, with a couple of key things to note…

  • Use the Default “Microsoft Windows 2003 Standard Edition (32-bit)”;
  • Make your HD Capacity at least 65GBs (recommend 70GBs);
  • Make the HD a single file (File Options > “Allocate all space now”);
  • Make the HD a IDE Drive (Virtual Device Node > Adapter: IDE 0 > Devise: 0);

Then sit back and wait, which takes about an hour…

Do not forget to run Windows Update after the base install.


If you do NOT set the “Virtual Device Node” to IDE, the Setup program will ERROR saying it cannot find a disk.

If you allocate a disk size lower then 65GBs you will get an Error message during the GUI setup installation.

Hope this helps!


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