Excel/Word 2007 “The Document Information Panel was unable to load”

Does the following sound like something you have had happen to you?

“I select the Office button > Prepare > Properties, I get the message “the document information panel was unable to load”.”

It seems that several folks have been running into this issue with both 2007 MS Excel and Word, and there is not a very good explanation of why it occurs, but a potential simple resolution for me was the following:

  1. Close your MS Excel/Word application;
  2. Copy the “IPEDINTL.DLL” from
C:\Program Files\Microsoft\Web Designer Tools\Office\121033
> to <
C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office\121033
  1. Re-launch the application, and try again.

Thanks to the folks at: PC Review (UK), and Ben at Freewarecritic on Blogspot.com for the answer!

- Andrew
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