Kamakura, Japan

Note – All images are scanned from slide film.

Temple/Shrine Island

This was a fascinating island.

After walking through a small little town with many open air markets, we proceeded to the top of the island.

Once at the top, you are greeted by a White Dragon protecting a coin pond. We briefly stop to make an offering, and then continue down the walk way.

As you walk, you see many more Shrines and Temples…

  • Watering Stand w/Cat
  • Bronze Dragon Shrine
  • Prayer Wall

Ocean Side of the Island

Map (General) & Map (Detail)

Once you get to the back side of the island, which faces the ocean, there is a wood walk (green) way that is built into the cliffs.

In two separate areas, there are tunnels (yellow) that go into the cliffs.

  • Walk way into Cliffs 01
  • Looking out from a tunnel
  • Split in the tunnels

At the end of the tunnels, there are mysteries to be found!!

Train back was during late “Rush Hour”

Dinner at Akasu’s

During Dinner an Earthquake of a magnitude 3.0 hit

When I first felt the quake, I thought that it was a large truck, but as the Akasu family looked around, and a door swung open, I began to know there was something more to this.

The Akasu family informed me that I had just witnessed an earthquake!!

After some time, the local TV stations began to report the tremors.

– Andrew
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