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FaceBook – Hackers and Spoofers

Heads Up! – There seems to be a bunch of “hackers” and “spoofers” attacking Facebook right now! – FB is a big target, and several of my connects have been hit, so please be on alert!

The “stuff” that I have seen/hear is Inbox messages that say something along the lines of “Check out this site”, and when you roll over the link, it points to a web site in *.pl (Poland)… other sites that one should be aware of are *.ru (Russia) and *.cn (China)… I was also sent a site link for “Photo Comment/Review” which was out of the *.uk, … but when I chatted with that person live, they warned me! Make sure your Virus software is up-to-date, and your OS is patched! and when in doubt, google the site to see what others are saying…

I wish I could be of more help, but the bastards are very smart at hiding their intent! In general, always roll over a link, check where it is going BEFORE you click!

– Andrew
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Google Wave

Off the top of my head, I do not remember how I found this, but after watching the Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009 video, I signed up for an account, and now I am hooked!

If you have not watched the video, and are still wondering what Google Wave is about, well, imagine being able to “mash” together eMail, IM and Blogging all together in one location/interface!

If Google can pull this off, than folks like eRoom, Lotus Notes, Twitter, Facebook and MySpace are going to have to start to rethink their apps.

I have already started to use it for a Business Project and have seen the benefits of an Open-Real-Time collaboration environment!

One of the main objectives of Wave is to be an Open Source environment that anyone can setup and use.

Bottom line… Keep and eye on this!


Update – 10-May-17

I have NOT been on Wave in months…

– Andrew
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Suggested “New Privacy Settings” @ Facebook

Recently, Facebook redid there “Privacy Setting”, and I have seen some comments about them on my Wall…

Here is a cnet.com Blog that talks about configuring them.

How to fix Facebook’s new privacy settings

Hope it helps!

– Andrew

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Update –

Since my original post to Facebook, some folks have reported some issues…

The biggest issue that I see is that Facebook has by default, made “your” information (Wall Posts, Links, etc.) visible to the Whole World!

And there is a reason for this… Facebook wants to and needs to make money, but the question is how.

There had been talk about making FB a Paid services, but that seems to have been shoot down…


But apparently, 2.6 million FB Fans said no…

Basically, it is about the data… What you post… Who you “talk” to… Where you go… etc.

Google does it and so do most Search Engines… as the blog also points out, it keeps Twitter at bay…

There is one note of caution, the Screen shoot of the FB settings is INVENTED and is posted as a suggestion to management at Facebook. (I too did NOT read carefully… D’oh!)

– Andrew
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Switch from Blogger to WordPress

Well after making the connection from Blogger to FaceBook, I started to look at the Core of the platform, and decided to switch to WordPress as my blogging platform. If you want to hear more details, please let me know.

Update – 09-Dec-07 @ 13:14

Another thing that just came across is the ability to use MS Word 2007 to blog to WordPress!

Really easy!

Note – Need to say the Local Block page as Native MS 2007 format (.docx)

– Andrew
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