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Locksley Covered Bridge (1964)

Locksley Covered Bridge (1964)

West Chester, Chester County [38-15-A]

I did not have much time to devote to bridges, and was still trying to figure out the best way to track them down.

At this point, I am still using Google Earth and CoveredBridgeMap.com (by James Walsh) to print out directions.

I hate to say it, but trying to read hard copy directions while driving, is very difficult and best. (Kids – Do NOT do this!)

Finally, I found Locksley bridge in a small neighborhood in West Chester, which crossed over a small little stream.

Right behind the far wall in this picture, you can begin to see the beautiful water garden that is feed by the stream, and the whole scene is a wonderful addition to this neighborhood.

- Andrew
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Tech Talk


June 15, 2015

I got a call over the weekend from a neighbor of the Locksley CB [38-15-A] in West Chester… She called me to see if I could help her…

Apparently, earlier in the year, the township voted to destroy the bridge, WITHOUT input from the neighborhood!

Needless to say, this was rather shocking news!

Has anyone else hear about this?

Later in the Day

I’ve heard from another neighbor of the bridge, who has sent me the following info –

Letter to Supporters 01

“with covered structure and roofing eliminated”

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