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Special Malvern Supplement

I had a chance to work with the good folks over at County Lines Magazine again for their August special Supplement – “Stroll a Royal Mile… Malvern“!

Back in the beginning of June, I got an email from Jo Anne Durako the Editor of the magazine and the writer, Emily Hart about the idea of the supplement, and during the course of the thread, we had an outline for the issue.

On the First day of shooting, I took my two kids with me, as we walked King Street.

It was especially fun for me, because when I first moved down from Boston in 1993, I moved to Malvern, and lived there for a year.

Since then, there have been many changes to the town, and it very much seems to being in a growth mode!

Here are some images of:

  • Christopher’s Restaurant
  • Grazia Spa
  • Julie Anne’s Place
  • Kimberton Whole Food
  • Knots and Weaves
  • Louella
  • Nation Bank of Malvern
  • Posh Collections
  • Restaurant Alba
  • The Picket Fence
  • UpHome Ltd
  • Wolf’e Baldwin Brass Center

that were used in the Malvern Supplement!

So, if you get a chance, pick up a copy of the August issue of County Lines Magazine with the Special Malvern Supplement!

If you are interested in seeing a PDF version of the article, Special Malvern Supplement.adobe-PDF-icon[1]

Hope you enjoy, and if you have any comments, please let met know!

- Andrew
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Happy Faces at the Brandywine Food & Wine Festival

During the course of the Afternoon, I saw many Folks with Happy Faces, and sometimes, there is nothing better to see!

I hope everyone enjoyed!!

- Andrew
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CCBA at Brandywine Food & Wine Festival

During the heat of the afternoon, I got a chance to listen to a demonstration done by the nice folks over at the Chester County Beekeepers Association (CCBA).

It was a very informative talk about the life cycle of bees and some of the challenges of raising them.

- Andrew
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Brian Brazil and the Hard Case Blues Band

Some images of Brian Brazil and the Hard Case Blues Band as they played their music during the afternoon.

Needless to say, their music only added to the festive afternoon!

- Andrew
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Black Walnut Winery at the Brandywine Food & Wine Festival

When I first got to the Brandywine Food & Wine Festival, I saw Valerie Castle of the Black Walnut Winery at the entrance, and she was nice enough to stop for a few minutes to chat.

During our conversation, she whispered to me that they had just received good news about ‘something,’ and that they were going to be announcing “it” later!

As we were chatting, Lance Castle joined us, also expressing his excitement about the Announcement and about the events for the rest of the afternoon.

Now for some action photos!

Good to see you all!

- Andrew
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